Hello guys
OL needs love and GF

OL is dead class and the mage pets are dead to so OL and the mage pets must buffed.. but how ?

the mark : passive

any skill from Ol on the monsters make a debuff on them calld : red mark
red mark : next spell from OL pets doing 200% more magic damage for one skill

Solidarity : passive

pets get 200% m.attk from what OL have

Pass damage
now pass damage going to pets MP

Eternal energy : passive
every skill OL used on monsters give 5% MP to the pets from max MP of pets

CD : 4s
cast : 2s
Stun : 1s
aramageddon now adds fire debuff calld : Hell ..on each taget aramageddon hits
Hell : 400% m.atk per 1s for 4 sec and move speed reduce by 35%

two hand staff expert : passive
20% m.atk +5% m.atk per skill level ..max level is 4 when two hand staff are used

hope guys u like my ideas
if u like it pplz late me know