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  • Overlord Skill suggestions

    I feel as if Overlord has no real "strongpoint" in the game.

    Masterbreeder has the big heals, so can have 2 DD pets out without a problem.
    Beast master has strong melee skill tree that makes it him a part warrior part petclass.

    But the overlord is a mixed bag now it seems. We have only 1 real mage skill that is the pretty bad 'fire arrow" although the masterclass does alleviate this somewhat but melee overlords... not a decent skill in sight it seems.

    And our melee style uses the worst P.attack weapon out there.
    Our skills are a mixed bag of decent enough magic when you finally become masterclass and bad melee forever, and i definitely am not a fan of this "attack speed" crap that 99% of what rappelz is all about now.

    So i would like some skills that fit in our theme, dark and deadly like our assassin and warlock counterparts.
    My suggestions:
    Leech buff: A skill that ads 30 minutes of drain hp to your pets. Since let's face it, our heals are terrible. We can't be expected to loose potentially 50%damage to keep a heal pet out.
    This way we can keep our pets filled up, still not as good as a the breeder of course but it would get rid of the scroll+hp transfer micromanagement.
    Dagger skill line: A line that recognizes that a single "letter opener" is NOT a weapon in rappelz... I would like a skill line that provides enchanting buffs like the kahuna to our weapons. Right now we just gentle pin prick enemies to death very very fast. I would like something fitting with our dark theme. A minor bleed effect or stun.

    Shield skills : Since we have a empty hand with our weapon choice, why not provide some passives or something with our shields.