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  • Changes to Pets and Petclasses

    First of all what i feel petclasses need to be fun again is actual nice pets.
    Right now the only pets ppl use are tank, melee, healer. And the only thing melee and tank pets do is basic-attacks. So what needs to be done here is change pets so its worth it to actually use the skills, and add diversity as to what pets you can use and not have a huge damage loss.

    First thing that came to my mind: Change the weapon passives of ALL PETS to the 10/80 for all physical and 10/80/80 for all magical pets. And remove the 12/50 - 11/65 nobody wants. Make old pets relevant again for more then just belting. This game once had the best pet-system but then devs decided to not focus on it anymore and just leave them behind. But why? With more diversity on useful pets, petclasses already would be more interesting to play.

    Second change to pets: Lower the skill-multipliers of mino, undine and drillbot to those of other pets. In return, give petclasses a toggle that increases skill-damage of pets. There are eggs that increase your skill-damage by a percentage, so coding for this is possible. Havent played a petclass in a long time simply cuz its not worth it atm, so i have no idea how much % this would need to be, but probably a big amount.
    The other thing we need to make skills worth using is colldown reduction. The game has gone way more fast-paced then it was in epic 4, 5, 6. It's all about killing fast, mobs die within a couple mili-secs, pets need more spam-able skills. 8sec cd and 15sec cd on a mage pet are WAY outdated when your pet becomes useless for the rest of time. One way to lower pets colldowns would be to maybee add artifacts that reduce the cooldown of ONLY ATTACK SKILLS by 5secs each, meaning you could get 10sec cd reduce on attack skills on a s5 pet. That would mean mage pets would be able to spam their main skill and have a 5sec cd on the 2nd spam. THIS IS NEEDED FOR MAGE PETS TO BE OF ANY RELEVANCE! Also, melee pets would have a 5sec cd on their 1st skill, so you can focus on more then just auto-attacking pets, which is way boring.
    Another thing i realised: The game is so focussed on crit-power but the ways for a pet to get crit-power are very limited. Just increase their base crit-power to 150 or so. Simple and fast change to increase their damage, this should be easily possible.
    All the listed changes would not effect heal-pets at all, considering the cooldowns of their 2nd heal got increased, devs must have thought heal-pets were too strong and needed a little nerf, by doing these changes you wouldnt make them broken at all.

    Another thing i mentioned in a different topic is giving petclasses a passive that gives all the buffs on your character to your pets, if its not on them already. Making pieces and hv buff accessable for pets is another way to boost pets, also means you can keep killing when you bottle after death, dont need to go back to town to rebuff your pets, and you could switch pets for buffing-purpose (like get a dt out for the buff, currently petclasses actually have a disadvantage for not beein able to summon pets just for their buffs like all the other classes do). And include all buffs, like HoT's and all that. That way BM's and OL's could actually use pass-damage, throw a lunacy card on belt and not worry about your pet dying immediately - because whats the point of pass-damage if you cant use it?

    So there you go. Just my 2 cents of how to make petclasses more enjoyable.

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    I'm all for reworking pets, but I don't agree with everything you have said.

    For it to actually be worthwhile having the 12/50 and 11/65 weapon passives they would need to give considerably more patk to offset the attack speed, this has always been the case.

    As pets mainly deal damage through auto attacks, they struggle a LOT against high pdef mobs, and due to the focus on attack speed the majority of skills simply are not worth using!

    Personally, I would like to see all pet skills become AoEs which don't get weaker with more targets (like the change to Poison Shot). I like using skills on pets, it makes them more interesting and versatile than tab f1! The cast times on pet skills though.... Oh boy are they LONG in the fast paced game Rappelz has become. Pets have terrible cast speed too so this only makes them feel more sluggish!

    I'm all for reducing skill CDs 8/15 on mages and 15/30 on patk pets is simply far too long a CD now.

    Make pet skills relevant again so people can choose whether they want single target DPS or to be able to AoE with skills! Currently we're forced in to attack speed only (+Hell Breath) for optimum damage.

    Make ALL pets great again! I loved my Undine when I got her, I still do! I just wish that she could compete with the Unique soul pets (same rarity) which are EASIER to tame and obtain than she is!

    Pets used to be one of the best things about Rappelz, now.... Eh.

    There are so many things about pets which require some attention to bring them from Epic 6 to the Epic we now find ourselves in! I could quite happily write a VERY lengthy and boring topic about how I personally would change pets. Going in to minute detail about how I would change old pets and soul pets of each tier to try and make them relevant again.

    I'm quite enjoying complaining about how various classes need bringing up to date, and would love to have the opportunity to do the same for pets!


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      I would like to see the normal pet artifacts reworked to be more of a boost to pets in general from 4% to something like 10% per artifact
      I think the threating toggles on pets needs to be greatly improved if you have any chance of a tank pet working in a party situation , and the shadow illusion needs to be adjusted so as pet heals can draw agro
      Also at higher levels pets accuracy is so bad with limited item slots to boost it up through equipment they still struggle to gain great accuracy without sacrificing other stats


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        the pets need to be worked on, or the players who have them focused on the game as I soon lost their interest in the game as a whole


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          Since a skill in a pet magical area between 5 and 8 seconds would be an indispensable change and to join relevant participation of the old pets as well and a shame to make them unusable having only utility as a belt


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            How about reworking creature mastery passive to include crit power 8 per level and accuracy/ m accuracy 15 per level giving a total of 400 crit power and 750 accuracy at max lvl 50 giving pets a chance to get into player levels of crit power and accuracy with the limited equipment slots on pets, that way pets skill damage would be viable and you would gain something from using pet skills and not just autoattacks