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  • Overlords and a few skills

    I won't be talking about Dirk OL because I don't enjoy that play style nor have experience with it. What I will talk about is the Overlord in general and it's mage tree.

    Creature Mastery- This needs to be a General skill in the Master tree much like the racial mastery skills, people shouldn't be forced to have to go down a certain tree to get this. It also should increase pet p.acc/m.acc by 30-50 each for each point put in. Pet's have really bad aim.

    Miraculous Recovery- Nice skill but should be group based, not needed to target the ground with this spell and the length of the HoT increased. Besides from changing it to effect everyone in party make the spell graphic only last a few seconds before fading away. HoT graphics last much too long and are distracting.

    Bloody Arrow- Nice buffs to it but still weak, the Pet Tree seems to be based around healing and spending HP so this skill should have it's HP drain lowered and made a spam skill. Powerful new spam but will require you to keep your pet's HP topped off, would work well with Miraculous Recovery.

    Scream of the Underworld- This skill should have a Cool Down of 10 seconds and take a lot less pet HP to use. Maybe somewhere around 3-9% of pet HP. This would give players an AoE at their pet and make them viable in AoE parties.

    Corruption- This needs to be added along with SotU to the first tree, this spell's damage is too low and should have it's damage greatly increased.

    Lion's Claw- This should be a toggle.

    Unholy Synergy- This should give 30% Str/Int to pet from player and 30% from pet to player.

    Armageddon- Nice skill but lower the cool down and the stun duration.

    Inferno Fire Arrow- My complaint about this is how the spell looks, Fire Ball and Flame Burn look great but Asura mages have the worst looking spam skills in the game. Would really like to see something more Fire Ball looking over how Fire Arrow looks now when cast. The graphic needs to be changed as it lags with the current amount of Cast Speed you can get.

    Aura Of Inspiration- Needs to be better, much better. Increase the stats it provides.

    Might Of The Underworld- This skill should be changed to Int/Str/Vit from pet.

    Order Of Alacrity- Since move speed no longer matters, make this add 200 evasion to the pet.

    Creature Intimidate- Change it to increase threat to pet from both pet/players attacks. This will allow people to actually have a tank pet without all of the threat simply going to the player. This will allow players with good damage to have their pet absorb a lot of mob damage.

    Creature Stability- Change it to give threat to player from pet for whatever skill or damage it uses, this will allow tanky players to tank for their pets and to be sure they don't get random threat.

    Blood/Halisha/Spirit should stack with Inspiration and Fervor Aura. Using Halisha, Inspiration and Fervor would give pets a big stat boost. While MB can be the pet buffer, OL can be the class to boost stats.

    I think with being able to play using HP/Blood magic/ Physical DPS or Magic DPS it could make all three trees viable with their own play style and flavor to the game.

    Blood magic offers healing, AoE and strong new blood magic spam.

    Mage tree offers AoE stun and a strong spam.

    Physical tree offers dirk dps.
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    Order of Alacrity got a REALLY nice boost, +10 Dex/Wis/Luck/Pacc/Macc per level and it affects all creatures in the party.

    Stacking a BS toggle with an OL toggle would be nice, however they both would benefit from having the values changed.

    I don't agree with making entirely new skills however.


    • NikkiTikki
      NikkiTikki commented
      Editing a comment
      I never understood why they never stacked in the first place. It just seems a bit silly, them stacking wouldn't be overpowered in the least.

      I don't think I asked for any new skills, just changing and improving skills already in the game.

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    I still don't understand why that did increase the damage of bloody arrow and leave with cooltime for 2 min, reducing damage of inferono fire arrow/fire ball, not to mention the increase in the armmagedon and cooltime also damage reduction. which line of thought? We can give better buffs for the pets and in other hand we nerf in skills? colleagues overlord doesn't have many skills just attack 4 to be precise (hell, fire ball, armmagedon and bloody arrow now). Please review this balance.


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      personal, complementing the pole yesterday, return the damage of hell fire arrow and armageddon, as with +25 staff does not make 2 k damage on mobs in roa. also review cooltime and damage of the skills of magic, because pets and without pets, logical fashion which is magic are inviaveis, cause damage and have high cooltime.

      I appreciate the comments.


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        something else! the skill lion's claw is not working