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Skill review for Asura Summoner

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  • Skill review for Asura Summoner

    Skill review for Asura Summoner:

    I don't give exact numbers since they needed to be tested out slowly to not overdo it.

    "Creature Life Transfer": Revert change form Epic 3 and bring back creature life leech ("Drain Arrow" for pets). Adjust values to fit current content.

    "Lion's Claw": Revert change from Epic 3 and bring back "Creature Critical Burning" (flat critical pow and rate buff for pets). Adjust values to fit current content.

    "Blood Of The Underworld": Rework as self buff which triggers like pet selfbuff "Resurrection Light".

    "Blood Aura", "Spirit Aura", "Aura Of Halisha", "Power Support", "Spirit Support", "Combat Support", "Magic Support": Make them stack with master class auras.

    "Scream Of The Underworld": Lower cd. Leech only a percentage of pet HP and transfer this as aoe damage.

    "Corruption": rework dot damage. Make it a mixture of p and m.att so it is useful for both types of ol.

    "Creature Mastery": move the skill for master class in the first tree. Rework of Creature Mastery (bigger increase of stats. Add p/m.acc increase!) so that it makes a real difference weather a pet is used on pet or non pet class.

    "Summoner Weapon Mastery": For dagger same problem as for deadeye cross bow. Attack speed can't match up the lower p.attack values of the weapon nowadays. Fix this in the same way like for deadeyes "Cross Bow Mastery" by adding some bonus to p.attack and att/cast.speed.

    "Armageddon" / "Raze": adjust cd / cd reduction.

    "Desperate Blow" / "Hopelessness": change dot to aoe damage. Adjust cd / cd reduction, mp consumption and damage.

    "Dirk Hurricane": Lower animation time.

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    I like the idea of bringing back CLL and CCB skills. Petclasses at that time where hell of fun to play and those two skills had been the most powerfull skill for Sorcerer. Afterwards it all went downhill for petclasses.

    Some old impressions of the power of CLL.