first off I just wanna say that I like these class balance discussion

and I hope we can manage to make the game more balanced

so I chose OL because I think they did some good changes to it and it needs just a little bit more to be balanced

I will give my thoughts on some of the skills and I hop it helps to make the dissection

I would like to say that we don't need to make any class op or we will have the same problem as before

so we need to make some low adjustment and take it slowly rather than making big changes and ruin the thing

small constant changes are the way to go until we are in a good state

ok let start

I will only bring up the skills that I think need some improvement

bloody arrow: the changes to this skill are really good, the damage is really nice and the mana cost is nice too but there is one thing bothering me

The CD is just too long, in the tooltip it says 2 min but I think it's more like 1 min at level 30, a new formula to the cd of the skill is good, like for example

(50 - Skill level) = X Sec, at level 30 it will be 20 sec which is a good number in my opinion

creature mastery: this skill is good but I think if we moved it to the left tree it would be better than the right one

The passive skills (Summoner weapon mastery, armor mastery, mind defense and magical training): to be honest all the classes need these kinds of skills to be completely reworked like what they did with the Deadeye

like for example mind defenses at level 20, it adds 60 m.def which is useless if the skill added like 10% m.def I think it will be good and maybe add 5%m.res too

Corruption: the unscaling 5%m.atk dot is useless, a new format for the skill is needed but we also need to mind that the corruptor have the same skill and can level it to level 20 but the OL has it to level 10, so with that in mind I think the formula should be like this

(50*skill lvl) + ((5*skill lvl)%m.atk)

so at level 10 the skill well be (500 + 50% of m.atk) and at level 20 (1000 + 100% of m.atk) I think it's a little bit high but we can raise the cd to 30 sec to compensate

The rest of the skill I think the community has covered it pretty will

I may add some more skills after a do more testing but right now this is what I think is good after I tested the new changes

thank you for reading