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Drama's Hopes and Dreams for OL

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  • Drama's Hopes and Dreams for OL

    *clears Throat*
    Pw gear was not used and neither was a +24 helm ( I do mention Pw sets for certain skills but thats just to draw up a comparison)

    OL is by far my favorite class, its one of the more versatile classes in the game if you build well enough, that being said it still needs a bit of work.
    First off there are a large number of skills that are just not even worth even upping(if there was such an option)

    -The support Toggles
    Power, Spirit, Combat and Magic support
    These skills are great no denying that but once you get Fervor aura, all of these become obsolete, since Fervor is a combination of all of them with just a slight increase to the p/m.atk. Considering that non of these can be used simultaneously with each other, there should be a greater benefit to using these as individual skills to bring more diversity to the ability that your pets can have access to.

    Example: Power support currently gives +125 P.Atk and +750 Max HP (Fervor gives +250 P.Atk/+750 Max HP) A possible change could have Power support give +1k patk/ +2.5k Max HP.... these are extreme increases but it would provide a scenario where this might be more useful than the other

    -The Party Aura Toggles
    Blood, Spirit, Inspiration and Halisha
    Similar situation to the support toggles where one is just primarily used over the others, and would also benefit from a similar boost as i mentioned above, taking into consideration that Inspiration just got a boost it makes it the Aplha skill but is limited to the Mage OL skill tree for maximum potential of the skill.

    -The Hp/MP Transfer/Extract skills:
    These skills are utterly useless, Hp transfer the amount healed is negligible(just 1.6k), while it does have a low CD (5 secs), an increase in the amount healed would be a more consistent from of healing to OL, MR is a great heal skill but a instant heal beats a HoT any day. MP transfer requires a similar boost to be effective but I dont see it being used that much since OL's pet have a huge mana pool.
    HP/MP extract are good skills but just like the transfers these heal too little to be even placed on my hotkeys, about 700Hp/500Mp recovered isn't worth using, increasing the HP/MP recovered would make them a more essential skill.
    These skills are the only INSTANT Pet/ Player heals that OL has, Miraculous Recovery is a HoT which is inconsistent, having these skills heal amounts increased provides OL with more consistent healing capabilities that it lacks in comparison to the Other pet classes.

    -Creature Intimidate/Stability
    These skills are good depending on what build Im running or which pets I decide to use. Using both is great but the skill duration (10mins) makes me forget to redo them and ponder why my pets die and increased duration solves this quite simply. Making them toggles skill has its advantages too, not having to rebuff your pets just switch on and go but both of these skills are equally great and simply using one is not effective use of them (Im open to dicussion on this one but an increased duration and a change from -/+ 44 threat should be -/+ 44% would be an improvement)

    Dirk Tornado/Huricane
    These have slightly long animation times and causes a pause after use, on Dirk hurricane this causes the stun duration to end before basic attacks continues. The possible change to these would be to Lower the CD (1min/50s currently) to maybe 45s on both of them, fixing the animation and a slight damage increase. For the animation duration i have to do some recording on it.

    Corruptionneeds a rework one of the few DOTs that OL, its damage formula should be reworked to give it an increase.(Possible change: DoT damage = %matk* skill lvl )

    Seal of Halisha is a PvP skill that only seals the players pet but the CD (10mins) really hinders its effectiveness, tho when it is off CD its a really great skill, teh simpler fix would be to lower the CD. BUT the more interesting change could be making it a regular seal rather than a pet seal, would give OL more CC ability and giving the skill more use since most people dont use OL to PvP anyways. Another change would be o increase the skill duration from (13s) to like(3mins) just an idea to think of...

    -The Underworld Skills:
    is by far the best of these skills nothing is wrong with it execpt that it is supposed to stick on your main pet but it bounces between your pets and sometimes toggles off, a simple fix to this is all that is required on this.
    Blood is useful in certain situations, One being PvP, but the long cd and adding to the fact that it kills your pet ... kinda makes it less useful in PvE situations but it is worth it in some extremely rare cases(probably 1 in 1000). A lower CD since 20mins is just too much 10 mins would be even better, maybe not killing the pets would be a welcome change (more like 90% of pet hp consumed) and a slight buff to the buff you get from it after from 9 to like 15 sec, (just ideas open to discussion).
    Scream most useless of all these skills, while being one of the only 2 AoE skills OL has, it does 40% of your creatures max Hp (killing your pet btw ) also has a 20 min CD, personally i dont even use this so i dont know what needs changing etc.

    Armageddon is the OLs other AoE exclusive to the Middle TP tree, its a solid skill overall, its damage reduces over a certain number of targets and it sometimes doesn't hit the other enemies even tho they are clearly in range of the target mob. only change i can think of to this is to keep damage static instead of reducing and fix the targeting.

    Speedy spell I saw some complaints about this skill but its actually solid on OL since Arma has a fairly long cast time, without running a Raze pw set, more cast speed = more reduction in casting delay makes outputting your limited spells even faster. No change needed here TBH, but maybe those people are right and increasing the skill lvl cap might be a welcomed change.

    Swift impact / double impact
    This is 50/50 skill the reduction in the CD time for OLs Low duration double impact(7mins vs CD 10mins) it actually helps, but seeing as Slayer's assassins impact got boosted to 30mins (if im correct), should double impact get the same duration boost this skill will become obsolete.
    One possible change would be to add a bonus % to double impact so for example at lvl 2 it adds a bonus 25% to double impact increasing it from 45% to 70% (since it is currently not possible to get double impact on Skadi PW armor).
    Another is instead of the CD reduction it could be an increase to AGI and/or Atk speed to allowing for OL to gain 959 much easier than currently, now these are just broad examples fusing the 2 possibilities is also a good suggestion but might be a stretch.

    Desperate Blow
    This has the potential to be OLs most damaging skill if built correctly(which is also hard to do ), that being said you can still hit 2m-4mil easily on this skill with a "half assed build" for it, its only draw back is its static DoT(3k per tick Lasts 10s so 30k DoT damage). An increase to the dot damage is fine but not s static increase maybe something like 3k +(% matk * 30) or something along those lines. The DoT damage could also scale up with DB's passive Hopelessness making a PW set with that skill a viable option since a max set just reduces the CD but the Lower CD only works if you have a way to keep your MP high enough to maximize he damage potential of DB while having it somewhat spam-able (30 sec CD on PW set).

    My epic wall of text on the possible changes to skills That are downright weak or just have slight bugs which fixed could make the class more competitive

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    My dream OL change would be to make Desperate Blow in to an AoE reduce the CD, and to get rid of the MP consumption. However Dark Strike is currently the Overlord's most damaging skill by a long way, although if Desperate Blow became AoE it could beat it.