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    1. Make pet classes able to evolve pets, seriously, a pet class should be able to do things to pets (no, not those things) that no other class should.

    2. Summon Mastery should be a passive, it's a waste of time to log and summon second pet.

    3. Miraculous recovery, nice hp/mp heal, could be a lot better in order to ditch the heal pet and get a DD one.

    4. Creature Breeding, make it at least level 22 base for summoners.

    5. Armageddon, same damage to either a single target or various, halve the actual CD.

    6. Inferno Fire Arrow, only spam, make it better with more power and 0 CD or add maelstrom bolt to the tree.

    7. Speedy spell is almost useless unless OL gets another spam.

    8. Auras (and support toggles), increase their MP consumption and boost the old ones (except fervor and inspiration that already got boosted) in exchange of lifting the limitation of only 2 auras/support at a time, it should be fun running around with 9 toggles.

    9. Creature soul/life transfer should be % based to the summoner and pet, same goes for Creature MP/HP extract.

    10. Lion's claw should give 100% crit rate AND some crit power.

    11. Blood of the underworld should work like Merc's Immortal Force.

    12. Seal of halisha should work with players, ie: if a player is hit by SoH, the player's pet/s is/are recalled and he/she won't be able to summon any pet within a time limit (not that PvP is a thing nowadays).

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    For Mage OL builds there should also be an equivalent to might of the underworld, an int/wis toggle. And please please, make Armageddon hit all targets in range with full power, and lower cd/cast time since it's the only aoe skill (that doesn't kill your pets...). It's hard to solo OL because we can't kill groups of mobs effectively. Also all pet classes should be able to res pets. Being forced to use scrolls and wait for a scroll cd is ridiculous.

    And maybe a way to keep our heal pet from attacking all the time? Surely there's a way to give individual control over what each pet does.

    Can we also please get both pets unities? Can our pets share each other's unities? Someone mentioned making dual summon a passive, that would be nice. It might be asking for too much, but one thing I do all the time on my other toon is dual summon a pet for DT buff or making a potion, would be nice if we could...triple summon? for like 10 seconds, that way our main pets don't lose buffs. Or as one person suggested, have buffs transfer from person to pet.
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      Also if is possible to use 2 auras at the same time, and the "support" spells to be more powerful for pets? and creature intimidate /creature stability to be similar with the merc ( hate aura or provoke. And add a bit more magic, attack, and power attack like corr or vm ..


      • CantPickOne
        CantPickOne commented
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        I know it goes against the whole 'use pets to deal damage', but since most of OLs skills are fire based, maybe give it spirit of fire?
        Either lv3 like corr or 10 like VM.
        it would help aoe too
        only downside is I doubt anyone would play dirk ol after this
        it woudlnt make them too op since they dont have any cool passives like crystal occultism

        just a thought from an outside observer

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      I really would like to play mage OL if they hade more damage skills kinda like corr/vm but not all of them just something to feel like a mage. OL needs passives that are mixed staff and dirk so the tree is maximized cause if you cut the skill tree in half it makes the class weak. It would be like taking mm and making you pick between bow or a spear/axe it's gonna cut down how many usfull passives and skills you have.

      Main changes I would like to see is OL get a damage boost for sure, something like spirt of fire like cantpickone said would like to see it the same lvl as vm just cause it would really boost OL fire skill dmg which would put OL mage damage on the board.

      Another idea would be maybe take half of ur main pets m atk/patk and make it skill damage kinda like heed does for vm. this could be a good way to boost OL dmg using ur pets stats.

      Armageddon is one of the main mage skills for mage OL so it really needs an update making it have a lower cd and do full damage to all mobs it hits maybe make it 1 second stun and shorter cd like more spamable 2-3 seconds.

      Fire arrow should be made like bleak for OL where it has .1 second cd.

      Lions claw I know iv seen a lot of people talk about this skill but it really should be crit power maybe like 30-35 and just make it higher lvl lowers cd.

      Auras pretty much all of them have use less stats they really need a boost. The numbers are so low like order of alacrity gives around 20 or 30 evasion 😒 What good is that? So make boost up all the auras to bigger numbers that will make a difference in the players game play. In stead maybe agil 10% something like that.

      Blood Arrow should be aoe something kinda like life leech where it's just one hit to each mob and you blood is taken from the target maybe give hp back 1-2% of the targets hp or maybe 10% dmg from each target so the more targets hit gives more hp. Maybe make it hit 7-10 targets and it could do more damage the more hp the target has.

      Unholy synergy/electric synergy could be really good passives but they really need to add higher stats to the player and the pets. These passives should help the OL feed off their pets power. I feel like OL should really be more of a class that gains power from their pets not as much as the OL boost the pets, cause MB is already the pet buffer of the pet classes. So pretty much switch the rolls of these passives that add int or matk from the pet and gives it to the OL.

      looking at all 3 pet classes I really think OL should be more of a mage and less of a melee class. BM is more of the melee pet clsss and MB is the pet buffer of the 3 pet classes so OL should really be mainly mage.

      These are all just ideas OverLord is a pretty awesome class also in the name it's an OverLord, I think the idea of class pulling power from its pets and using it as it's own power would be a pretty cool idea.

      Thanks for any feed back and added ideas. Hope to see all the classes get reworked. i would like to see all the classes being played again like the old days.


      • Kenshin
        Kenshin commented
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        Totally agree, OL needs some serious damage boost. Lore wise as an Asura , OL should be the damage dealer pet class. All the pet classes have a theme. Deva pet class live for their pets, their pets is everything. Gaia pet class has a sense of unity with their pet to work as one. And Asura USE their pets to power up themselves...look at Might of the Underworld skill as an example. Specially liked the Blood Arrow suggestion, would be great that way. Would also make sense, because as a class that knows how to use the power of other beings, it should know how to leech off HP in an AoE way.

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      On top of what has been said, OLs (BMs and Breeders as well) should be able to evolve pets.

      Other classes can now have three pets in formation, high level tamming, and etc, so pet classes would do well with "something extra" as evolving pets IMO.


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        people gm will do nothing with ovelord unity like everything and nothing will change