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  • Ways to Fix OL

    First and foremost, OL has the potential to be so much more versatile than it is. We have always looked at a BM as a Chanp with pets, yet its a stretch to look at the OL as A Corri/VM with a Pet.
    Its like they had a good idea but in the last instant said meh, good enough.... ALl of my suggestions will be improvements from an OL mage point of view...I do this for one, that's how I play, and 2 while I've seen some impressive melle builds, with the over all skill tree IMHO I think its the more effective way to play and even better party add..

    IFA - Its the main skill as a mage, yet its doing 1/3 to 1/2 the damage a Corri or VM does. If an OL didn't start out in life as one of those 2 it would be fine but to have such a disparity at MC is not really far, since the whole pet class thing isn't what it used to be....Your currently allowed a max base level 10 since the damage isn't as much as its 2 other asura mages, increase its lvl to base of 15...I'd ask for 20 but then that sounds greedy....That will bring it closere to Asura output without out pacing it.

    FIREBALL - OL max base level is 20, again to increase the damage output raise it to 25. VM is 30 so its a fair compromise.

    ARMAGEDDON - Small increase to damage by raising to level 2 and decrease of cool to 8 sec from 10.

    CREATURE MASTERY - For this to be in the last tree makes absolutely no sense. It need to be moved moved to the middle or first so, as a pet class, we can maximize OUR skill.

    CREATURE BREEDING - Back in the day this was huge for a pet class....There is no reason a standard toon should have the benefit equal to the Pet Classes. Raise this level to at least a base of 20 or 22 to separate the Pet Classes...It should be raised for all 3.

    LIONS CLAW - Can we say utterly worthless skill? It either needs to change to a perm buff or at least altered to a 10-15 minute buff with a shorter cool ...Maybe not shorter than the duration but shorter none the less...Probably should just be made a perm buff.

    EVASIVE RESISTANCE - Small improvement to increase survivabilty for all skill levels, maybe raised to 10 from 7.

    MASTERMIND - As one of the few ways to bump int = Matk this should be raised to at least a level 5 or 6 from 2. At what ever amount it should be something that provides a noticeable boost.

    And for the pet buffs....As a pet class we need to be able to make the pets a bit stronger to a noticeable level. There is no reason MB should be able to effect the performance of an OL in regards to pets....

    INSPIRATION - a moderate boost to max level +50 to str, vit, agi, dex, int, wis. Or a better idea to increase its job level to 20 . As for the Patk and Matk mods it should increase that to a min of 250 at max base level and Max HP/MP to 500 at base level. That would be a noticeable difference.

    FERVER AURA - Patk/Matk from 100 to 200-400. I dont think the 400 is too out of line but i don't want to be greedy. HP/MP to 500, Atk Spd 8% to 15&.

    I think this is an over all conservative boost to the skills both toon and pet based that would enhance the toon without making it OP in any way...In some cases once the mechanics were tested some of the moves might need to be a bit higher on each of the skill to bring it up to speed, but this is a good baseline to start....

    HAD TO EDIT.....
    After playing with bloody arrow, I have to say bravo! The skill is very useful now...BUT! The cool down at 2 minutes is silly...needs to be reduced for it to be a viable not saying reduce to spam, the animation is way too long for that anyway, but maybe 30 longer.

    Long live the OL!
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    I agree with most of this!

    Particularly moving Creature Mastery, imo it should be in the first column as it is a VITAL pet class skill along with Summon Mastery. Not getting extra creature breeding depending on your build I can cope with, but not getting the maximum Mastery is criminal. It could be switched with Lion's Claw (since it's useless) or... Simply moved as the third column has two more skills than the first.

    My suggestion for improving (mage) Overlords would be (unpopular for one, probably) to reduce the cast time of Armageddon, reduce the CD to 4 seconds and make it a 1 second stun. Along with making it the same damage regardless of targets, and boosting the area. This would give Overlords a strong, spamable AoE which would enable them to compete with other classes. Although, if pets ever get any sort of improvement, it would make Overlords a force to be reckoned with!

    Really though, I want an AoE on Dirk build. I really like the tankyness of dirk build and the fact it has nice single target damage. I remember tanking Butkah long long ago, and it was fun! Now though, it makes me sad


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      I agree with Noire about moving Creature Mastery from melee skill tree to pet skill tree. This way, won't gimp any path the player want for his/her OL (melee or mage build).
      Lion's Claw could use a bump on the stat and be available as party pet buff, or at least affect both OL pets.

      About Dirk / Shield OL skills:
      -Dirk Tornado and Dirk Hurricane need a buff in damage, the same buff Dark Strike and Charge Stab received.

      Could we see an improve on Creature Life Transfer? Because the amount that heal is laughable.


      • (MOD)Alexander
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        I like the idea of making Lions Claw work on the entire partys pets. Maybe instead of just critrate it could also add a weak version of vampirism (I just can't recall what the Octo/Aurumis buffs are actually called......)?

      • Khayon
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        Octo's buff is called Bloodthirst. And would be really neat on a pet class only party.

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      Dude everything this guy posted! Do it!


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        Curious when this all will be considered....