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  • General Petclass Change

    As seen in Beast Master Suggestions:
    What petclasses really need is a passive that gives your pets all the buffs that your character has that are not on the pet already over to your pet, excluding toggles.
    That way petclasses would actually benefit from pieces, hv buffs, and would not need to re-run to town after they died and bottle to rebuff the pets again. How is this not a thing by now? Also would make for some nice interactions with stuff like boss-card buffs (SLK for example). Also petclasses dont have the craziest of self-buffs that would totally make pets broken (like essence of invul or anything like that), it would just mean that pets would finally benefit from the buffs they have no access to atm, but which they need to stay relevant
    Reposted because i think it should be included in every petclass rework

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