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  • Overlord balance suggestion

    Personally, Overlord being a class I've played on many occasions, both undergeared and heavily geared/buffed I've experienced that the overlord itself deals an okay amount of damage while being decent tanky (100k+ hp while having a shield and aoe % hp heal is real good imo). However they have almost no viable way of reaching close to 100% Double impact, so I guess that's going to get added either way. Other suggestions include.

    Their toggles would be better suited to affect both pet and user. And their pets need some kind of niche steroid to help them deal damage, while my Ol could deal 600k hits with 959 my pet with +21 weapon fully buffed would do 180 - 200k while having much less than 100% crit, their new toggle is a viable way to get the crit up, but their base hits are still meager.
    Pets should have a chance to get higher p.atk / critpower and deal damage comparable or a little less than the overlord so the overlord + pets deals the same amount of damage as a normal class would.
    For example I suggest giving all pets HV buffs and make their buffs be connected to the player, so if you summon a pet it auto gets the buffs the player has, being a petclass and dying and bottling just to see all your pet buffs gone sucks major D. HV on pets would help their damage dealing capabilites while making 959 attack speed possible and 502 easier.
    Overlords Str & Int passives could include for example 50% of the p.atk / m.atk to the pet also?
    Mage overlords need a viable source of damage, either a way to reduce armageddon cooldown further or spam IFA harder. Also mage pets should have their skill multipliers boosted to that comparable of a drillbot and their cooldowns reduced to half or less than half of what they currently are, as they haven't been in use since the release of soul pets. They have a good synergy with the overlord but their damage is just too low.
    Maybe mage pets could have the ability to make up for the lost maelstrom bolt?

    I don't want to list up all the skills but Overlord also has a crazy amount of useless skills with low to 0 multipliers and no use, maybe a bigger diversity in their use would help them, but the one that makes me the most salty is that might of the underworld takes away minimum 33% strength and vitality from my pet, Which pains my soul if I'd like to use a meele pet or a minotaur for example. Switching this to the + side and maybe increasing it or adding a p.atk / m.atk boost would be nice, however one class can't have everything but these are suggestions.
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    I play the overlord all the time. I feel they are weak and squishy. The only thing they have going for them is miraculous recovery. I have played both as a magic caster OL and a Physical damage OL. The Overlord needs to have a bit higher physical defense and be able to do a bit more damage. I have +20 gear and +20 weapon (from Island of forgotten Gods) and I cannot solo ROA first room at LVL 176. I run a staged Unique Mage pet and a Staged Healer pet and still cannot do the damage. And their Servivability sucks. Most players tend to stay away from the OL because they are by far the weakest pet class in the game. I have been playing the game since 2008 and find that the OL has been skipped over many times. Most other classes can solo most places in the game but the OL has a very hard time. As far as the Island of Forgotten Gods I find I spend most of the time Running around and trying to heal and my pets die and then I die. I feel the OL could use more Powerful attacks and night Physical defense.


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      @SweetheartLover.....Not to be taken wrong, and I think Kaffe would agree...YOUR DOING IT WRONG......OL arent that squishy....OL can do really really good damage, we are under-powered but not cripple... As I watch the leader board, your the only 176 OL atm and 1 of the 2 im chasing and at 175 there's no where I cant go on the map and not survive short of the UG revived bosses )haven't figured them out YET)... Id reevaluate your build if your dirk Kaffe deff has a nice one built there, if your staff, Id like to think there couldn't be any better built mage ones than me....either way take a look because if your getting rocked in the first room of ROTA that's an issue.


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        Mage OL Problems:
        - 7 tp points, how many are wasted? for sure 1. This is impossible. A tp point must bring more power.
        - skill tree: mage ol can't max creature mastery.
        - Cast speed is wasted. Mage ol work on CP, or make inferno arrow unlinked with fire arrow.
        - Armageddon: area of atk is too little. Think that this skill have to put on fire all enemy hit. Dmg full for each hit.
        - miraculous: more efficient on pets.
        * Lion's claw: Crit rate and CP on all party pets.
        - Who is the tank? pet or summoner? creature intimidate of the OL don't work. With this new buff pets are more tanky, but lost aggro in 1 sec.
        - Vit stat grow with CP. a dream.

        Basically the mayor problem on ol is the double nature: Mage o Meele. With this set... make the skill tree more oriented on this aspect.
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          Have you seen Marksman TP skill that gives a not worth mentioning amount of MP when a mob just died? Victory cheer not only eats one but two TP. If you want to access Rally, you HAVE to skill it. Occasionally it looks like someone ran out of ideas for talent point skills..

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        this class is trying to do two things at the same time.. mage or melee.. the passives for melee pets are nice but double impact at level 6 is only 45% which is ridiculous..we are using daggers as melee which is fun but its just not good damage.. recently dark strike we get really high level and it hits really hard so thats a plus.. if we dont have aoes at melee builds we should be more single target damage with our pets.