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Oracle - Balance, if you take away, you gotta compensate.

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  • Oracle - Balance, if you take away, you gotta compensate.

    Oracle is good as it is except for 1 thing. Angel's Deception stack buff has a low duration of 60 seconds. Activation rate isn't great and Shining Buster, Mass Repentance and Shinning cross have higher CDs now, meaning the most reliable ways Oracle had to keep the buff refreshed are gone now. Increase the buff duration to 3 minutes at least like Mercenary Remorselessness....

    Makes no sense how Mercenary has a way more powerful buff, activation rate is 100% chance basically but their buffs lasts way more.

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    mass repentance require only 2 pieces of armor + 24 helmet. one item can be used for angel deception, so it works for 90 seconds. for rooms its enough, your job is mostly standing, putting auras, healing tank and using shining cross, cause it have low cast time. if your tank is strong enough, you can use mass repentance and hope he will not die while it's casting. It's enough to get all stacks.
    for bosses you put debuffs and focus on healing. shining buster + debuffs are all you can do. reviac is almost always dying in 30-45 seconds max, so you don't need to stack pasive


    • Kenshin
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      You might be new to the game, but if you didn't know, the cds got increased on spammable muti hit/aoe skills meaning you cant charge the stack efficiently. I didn't ask you for a guide on how to play oracle as its obvious who's the better player here. I'll give you some pointers.

      Your job as Oracle isn't mostly standing around as a toggle slave, you should always be debuffing, healing and damage dealing. If you are afraid of using mass repentance because of tank dying, I have good news for you, you can cancel it at any time and get back to healing. Shinning cross should be used, but its not on the priority list, repentance is. In S4-S6 there are way less mobs and sometimes the aoe skills + buster aren't enough to keep the buff stacked. For bosses you should also DD while healing. Irregardless of the time a boss takes to kill, your job is to keep yourself stacked at X3 to have higher heals and damage, not aiming for that is simply being lazy.

      If you still don't get it: Mercenary got its skills improved so that the stacks don't run out on bosses, etc. Oracle needs the same treatment. Getting a piece of gear to just do the work a patch should have done instead of getting higher damage for mass repentance is lame.

    • Sermasteropl11
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      Well, i have trouble with stopping mass repentance skill, But it's personal idiotism. maybe i'm doing something wrong. Debuffing is of course part of your job in team. you can't just heal tank 100 % time, cause he don't have enough hp to loss. i think it's normal that you have to do something in this time, and what is better to do if not debuffing?.

      shining cross should be used cause it's quick, and can apply you angel deception stack.
      For bosses of course you have to do dmg also. Always if tank is good on his own for this moment, you have to cast energy beat or other dmg skill. There is always something to do in this game, and doing nothing in higher dd can destroy entire party.

      And i understand your point for mercenary. i don't have problem with this skill, but it would be nice to see it always on.
      When shining cross was spammable, Getting 3 stacks on normal rooms was quite easy, and for bosses you had shining buster every second, so then way how angel deception works could do it's job. these skills get reworked, so angel deception should be also.

      And saying " mass repentance require only 2 pieces of armor + 24 helmet" i had on my mind, it's all you need to have max number of attacks.

    • Kenshin
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      Use WASD to cancel mass repentance.