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  • Creativve
    started a topic Must be for oracle

    Must be for oracle

    Hey I'm playing oracle for a long time(Geminous) and I'm give you some feedback on what's to be done.
    Firstly:The all passive abilities of the oracle are all on Mp rejerne,this is so annoying,We dont need more mp or mp rejerne if you this stucation not change you give me like asuran mages +skill Mana Shield or you change mp rejerne passive abilities like a M.acc winsdom...Because all passives uselees now as a other classes.
    Second:Now this game on the devildom dungeon or pvp.So we need for dd more damages for creatures,you can give passive for oraclethis stucation too,and for pvp:We need stun skill please!!!! or immune for silence... not stun just silence nassasory likea druid kp passivve!! look the void mage they have so many stun skill,fear,silence= 30s -_- +22 or +24 boot not enough seriosuly. Little justice please oracle not support just like valkyirie think must be def,sup,and for pvp skills
    THİRD: Radiant Fire???? why this skill cant be have critical damage before we have why now not shining cross good okey but you fixed radiant fire fixed!!!!(Cant be critical damage this skill ) please came back.
    Thank you for your understanding and ı hope will be fixed this changes ^.^

  • Sermasteropl11
    commented on 's reply
    mp pasives are usefull, But not all. this one which triggers when you get critical hit on yourself is useless.
    instead of this skill, we could have something better

  • Kenshin
    As I replied to him on Discord:

    1. If you think the mp passives are useless, you are getting carried by the same op tank in all parties, try ptying with different people.

    2. Oracle is the top heal class now, so they can't have high dmg and many ccs to balance it out. Pvp hasnt been balanced yet so no use mentioning it now. Shining buster can now pretty much drop many classes in pvp now if anything.

    3. Radiant flare still does crit damage. It's just they changed color of numbers and forgot to fix it for DoT damage. The fact that you cant tell if its crit damage or regular damage based in your past gameplay worries me.

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  • Sermasteropl11
    Slow down, Use correct grammar, And explain more.

    firstly : Oracle still can have problem with mana, with 2/3/2 build, When your party dps on dd6 isn't big enough. healing skills aren't for free. Skill giving mana regen when you TAKE critical hit should be reworked, cause it's " Let monster in dd kill you, and you will get mana regen", but rest of them are usefull.
    2nd : oracle have : frozen snare ( immobilize), earth spear ( stun). with dragon pet fear you have enough stuns for pvp. U aren't tank, it's kill or die.
    Druid is support dps, oracle is support healer, comparing them both is pointless. void mages have much skills cause, WELL, VOID MAGE, master of dark arts, damage dealer, annihilator of weaker ones. he HAVE to have stuns ( power of lighting, strongest force rappelz universum knows), fears ( darkness).
    oracle ? frost spear could cast frost effect. heavenly spear could give blind. ( bishop class could also get this buffs).
    for pvp it's rather normal that you will have trouble to compare vs void mage, corruptors etc. Without good gear, your skills aren't scaling so great.

    3rd i think radiant fire is good skill. i don't see any trouble here.

    pasive giving mana regen when casting light spells is usefull, but giving mana regen when killing enemy should give some bonus stats. Boost for pve, hard to trigger on pvp.
    Last edited by Sermasteropl11; 18-05-19, 05:35 PM.

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