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  • Little oracle changes

    At this point i will just quickly say : add divine cluster to oracle.

    Now if you have time, want longer and more exhausting opinion, and something more than " BUFF ME PLSS", please sit in warm place, take a cup of tea, and listen to my opinion.

    Oracle with good items, is nice class. But even with +24 items, you cannot compare it to , well, let's say void mage dmg. Oracle is healer, so it's role of this class.
    Rappelz is party game, so you cannot do everything alone. But there is a lot of things to do without friends ( circus 1-4, vulcan, solo farming, etc).
    Of course it's not problem with good equipment, pet and high amount of experience ( good guild is also nicely seen).
    New players, who seems to be attracted by Rappelz, often don't take "Meta" picks. much of them thinks " Hey, i will be healer, i will be usefull for my friends!". and they pick oracle.
    these kind of players doesn't know how get r7 fast, they don't have equipment ( crossbow with rage stone, etc), without any pet. They spend much time to get master class.
    Little buff for them, like adding higher said "Divine cluster" would be nice for 1-153 lvling. it's almost nothing in 175+, so it won't make this class "Unbalanced"
    Also , as i said. oracle is healer. Stun immunity in skills will be pointless, cause in pve there isn't much aoe stuns, and pvp is pvp. But reviac have annoying skill.
    skill called silence. Oracle would get much love from skill "1 % immunity to silence per lvl". sometimes it can save entire team, specially if oracle doesn't have +24/25 boots.

    Hmm, you reading this still ? Okay. i don't know what i wanna say more about this class, It's pretty good for now, even if used mostly for dice buff/ auras.
    holy shield pasive have low activation chances, upgrading it would help with soloing. Of course we know oracle isn't solo class, and it's probably VERY hard to make dd6 solo as oracle ( i cannot say imposible, i know there are much gamers who would try this challenge).
    i think that's all.

    EVENTUALLY experimental and might be op option : give oracle pasive skill, each attack with mass rependance have small chance to decrease Heavenly restoration skill cooldown by -2 seconds. It would give this skill more attention.
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    Instead of adding new skills ( from 2nd part of my post), Angel deception can take part with heavenly restoration, And holy shield pasive can get silence resistance. Now oracle class skilltree shouldn't grow too big.