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Stunned for the rest of my life

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  • Stunned for the rest of my life

    Hello ! every one knows that VM & Corruptor Deadeye Marksman Mercenary Cardinal can easily do the job which is KITING Bosses !
    this is a real problem for Orcale fans ! Old Days are gone ! no one use the supportive orcale anymore we are in 2k17 ! u need to understand that orcale is a dmg dealer know !!!
    bein unable to move while casting the skills is really tilting speacily as i said against high lvl bosses ! at the end i just wanna say that webzen needs to create add or rework something so oracles can do some KITING ! atleast that way we can compete the other jobs in soloin bosses !
    yeah yeah i know that one of u will rage at me and say ! dude stop nagging ! u have alot of healing skills ! right the low basic magic dmg on oracle s skills and the cast on it won t help ! my opinion and everone should respect that I much love for the rappelz community <3 !
    #Haters gonna hate

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    Bosses shouldn't be kited, they should be face tanked by a tank tank who gets hit, shrugs off the damage and gets healer by a healer.

    Oracle is healer and DD. They're not meant to have the same damage as a VM who have always supposed to be high damage ever since Dark Mages, because of the fact that they can perform the vital task of keeping a party alive.

    I don't like kiting, it's not tanking. I don't like VMs face tanking everything and I'm pleased they can't recover 200% of their HP with every spell anymore.

    Mass Repentance would benefit from having a quicker animation, however I don't feel any need to have move speed debuffs on an Oracle. Just because many things are broken, does not mean everything should be broken.


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      Some oracles liked to DoT and run before the radiant flare nerf. I think it's more likely to get that skill boosted than to introduce a 90% perm move debuff + being able to move while using mass rep.