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    Oracle veteran with many years under my belt playing Rappelz. Hardly ever on the forums, but due to news about an Oracle rework possibility, I've decided to chime in.

    For starters, I'm very attached to Oracle and can't imagine liking another class more. I realize that Oracles will never be as offensively efficient as a Magus, as I know we are the best-suited for support; however, it is no surprise that our class is so unpopular when we live in the shadow of the far more attractive and dangerous magicians. What's crazy is that many Cleric and Oracle offense and healing skills are dismally sub-par vis-a-vis Magus and Cardinal. It would be so great to see some of these skills regain their effectiveness through some careful revision and improvement: some TLC... Which is what Oracles bring to the table.

    Here are some things I would really like to see:

    1. Shining Cross: After Mass Repentance, this tight-range AOE skill's damage output is abysmally low. It is an outstanding follow-up skill to use while Mass Repentance is cooling. As part of the Oracle's final skill tree, I think many find it strange that the skill is so ineffective.

    2. Mass Healing: Very happy with this skill's performance, but the noise it makes when used over and over again can get annoying.

    3. Radiant Flare: Like Shining Cross, I would also love to see this become stronger. Many Oracles currently refuse it because of the lack damage output in exchange for the three TPs it costs to make it as efficient as possible; simply put, it is not worth its weight in TP.

    4. Restoration: Heal is very low, even at max level +5 with a +7 card. I think each tick does about 4.2K HP.

    5. Heaven & Hell: Let's face it. The hardcore players out there are making twin or triplet Oracle slaves to override a negative roll on Hell outcomes. It would be great to see this become exclusively Heaven's Blessing where every outcome is positive but gives different incentives. For example, a Heaven's Blessing could mean 'Max HP/MP +20% and CP +20%' or 'P. Atk./M. Atk +5% and All Stats +5%'. Almost like a randomized, auto-generated numerical buff that is different every time, but always positive. But wait -- there's more. Dream with me for a second. What if Heaven's Blessing became a toggle skill that constantly changed? For example, I cast Heaven's Blessing -- the toggle would constantly be changing to different stat values that benefit the party every ten or twenty minutes or so. Instead of the enchantment cards for the skill improving duration, it would improve the beneficial value of the buff or toggle's stats. This would make partying with an Oracle very fun and popular. And in truth, it would be great to see this skill regain popularity and not just belonging to slaves!

    6. Mass Repentance: Offensively, if Mass Repentance is all we have going for us, it should be stronger! Currently it "distributes" a mean damage amount based on the quantity of mobs in the area, but the effect of a high +ed card and high skill levels just do not help with crowd control -- especially in Devildom.

    7. Frozen Snare: This should be an AOE. Sometimes healers need to be escape artists. To be able to hold and escape from a family of mobs, even for a short duration, is key to the kind of class Oracle is and our ability to survive.

    The new passives with the 9.5 update includes a skill offering blunt weapon mastery or blunt attack mastery to L20. I think it would be very difficult to find an Oracle who uses a blunt weapon anymore. This passive is an unfortunate addition as it would be far more useful to offer us Oracles something better than P. Attack. Oracles have always lacked in movement speed, critical power, and M. Acc. Perhaps it would be nice to see the blunt weapon passive be changed to something which lends itself to the class.

    All in all, I am so glad to play Oracle and look forward to the many positive changes that will come to our "often-overlooked" class.
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    Personally, I do not feel Mass Repentance needs to be stronger, it does hit very hard already. With the same gears I find that my Oracle's Mass Rep does similar damage to my VM's Dark Spiral on a full pull in Rota.

    As for Heaven and Hell, Hell is annoying however I like the current +10 and 20% Heavens. How about, if instead of having Hell's Curse, we had Hell's Blessing? Hell's Blessing could increase different stats, they could even stack. Or.... What if Heaven and Hell gave both blessings at 5/10/20%? Then you still have Heaven and Hell, but... Whatever you get it's still useful! Although personally I would like to see the amounts changed to 10/15/20%.

    I'm pleased you mentioned Mass Healing. On Oracles I loathe using this skill because of the noise! I hates it! D:


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      See my suggestion on heaven /hell, much better to make it a 10% base and then 1% for each additional + card, eliminates the 'unfairness' of some people having ten oracles just to permanently have 20%.

      The blessing itself can't be random, you can't build around a random bonus. For builds to work you need certainty. If the buff was random and changing, you would need to build for the worse case scenario. Let's take attack speed boost. In Becen's example, it might be 20% for ten minutes then disappear. So that is effectively useless, as if I stone for 959 without it, that 20% is wasted. If I stone to anticipate it, then when it drops out I'm back to 502- again, not what you want.

      If it kept changing and the oracle had to be in the party for it to function, I just wouldn't bother bringing an oracle to the party. 'what can you add to the party? Oh, a random buff that changes, nah I'd rather have another VM'.
      Classic quotations: No issue here. Closing this thread.


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        JustBrowsing98 I understand your idea, and actually, I'm not opposed to it. But H&H would make a great toggle.


        • Noire
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          The problem with that is that many players have become reliant on H&H as a buff, changing it to a toggle would cause an uproar from EVERY region. I doubt even our devs would be able to withstand that pressure.

          Since, currently it is an entirely offensive buff my idea would be that it gives two buffs (of equal strength) Heaven's Blessing would be the buff we know as it is now, so it would make sense for Hell's Blessing to be defensive, so it could give Max HP/MP (although I worry that an additional 20% of each could be too powerful) Pdef/Mdef and Evasion/Mres, or instead of Max HP/MP it could be HP/MP Regen, not the most useful of stats, however it would still eliminate having the chance of getting a negative buff.

          I'm all for only getting positive buffs, however I would at least like the skill to retain being both a Heaven and a Hell, otherwise it simply becomes Heaven.