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Mass repentance animation, heals, briliant harmony and divine shield

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  • Mass repentance animation, heals, briliant harmony and divine shield

    Oracle is a pretty cool class. The main thing I have with it is the very long damaging animation on mass repentance. Could that be made a bit shorter? The damage on it is decent enough, but not being able to do anything while it casts can make this a bit annoying. Especially so after they increased the amount of hits the skill does.

    The heals on an oracle are imo fine for classes with a normal amount of hp. For the ones that get loads of hp it would be cool if restoration or healing and mass healing be changed to add 1 or 2 % of the targets hp. Heals would also need to get a lower threat mod then. As long as it isn't 0 or negative it should be cool. We had 0 threat on heals for the first few weeks of cube and healers ended up 1 minute ruling on bosses because of that.

    Brilliant Harmony is a very cool skill for soloing. The 66% damage reduction means I get 0 damage when I use it on my oracle in RoA with deva's blessing, shining armor (15%) and physical necklace. It's fine and probably a bit too op for soloing, but as a support on others it simply doesn't last long enough to be useful. Could the duration of this skill get upped? I don't mind if the skill reduces half the damage if it lasted twice as long.

    Divine shield is a strange skill. It has a 10 min cd for level 0 and every card + cuts cd by 18 seconds, every level by 15. You can barely keep it up perm with a +9 card ,3 pw pieces and a +24 helmet. With a +10 card you can make it have 0 cd. I personally don't think that they need to have 100% reduction from physical hits all the time and wouldn't mind seeing this changed. Either with a lower % that gets reduced or the relative effective time that they can have the effect on.

    Even if they should be able to take no damage, it would be nicer if it was made less dependent on skill level and card +. For example by cutting the cd and the cd reducers in half it would give someone with a +5 card, a +24 helmet and 3 pw pieces be able to get this effect 42% of the time. That is double of what you get at the moment.

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    I agree with most of this. Having more heals that heal a % of HP would be nice, I'd like Brilliant Harmony to be more useful too.

    The easiest way to improve Mass Repentance would probably be to decrease the delay between hits.

    I'm less keen on Divine Shield, The fact that it requires a shield and that I'm cheap and lazy means that personally I don't get much use from it, and there may be others like me. I don't like how it can get a permanent 100% damage reduction, I don't like how you can get the same for Essence of Invulnerability either. A smaller damage reduction which can be active more would be nice, and if they removed the need for shields, that would be great. Although I feel that Oracles shouldn't really be getting hit, at least this would mean that if they did get hit, they wouldn't die quite so quickly.


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      Never understood why Shadow Hunters and Dark Mages get a threat reduction buff while the healers who are clearly the squishiest bunch don't. Everyone with a thread reduction buff is Asuran, so awesome evasion, which healers don't have either. Something's clearly broken here.

    • Noire
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      I guess it comes down to the original developers ideas of how Asura are ones with the shadow and protected by darkness. If you're a shadow you won't be noticed as much so don't generate as much threat.

      On the other hand Devas are protected by light and holy forces, which appears to translate to getting various damage reduction abilities. Unless you're a Mercenary as they don't have Godly Protection, Divine Shield or Defense Mastery.

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    If my math is correct isn't Brilliant harmony already have a high uptime? You will need Dignity pieces to help and 30% cooldown from helmet with a +9 ish you can get it to like 10s.

    60s - 5s * level (6) = 30s - -3% * (9) - Cooldown from helmet = 9.66 seconds

    The seems pretty spammable.
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    • BahlUni
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      If you have a +25 helmet, 3 PW pieces and a +9 card you could theoretically keep it up around 60-65% of the time if the oracle doesn't use mass repentance at all (70% if you ignore cast speed + finishing a heal etc). The problem is with the effect duration which would still only be 6.8 seconds with a +9 card.
      That is more than enough to AoE solo RoA mobs, but if you want to use it on someone else it's usually too short to be useful. Especially if the supporting oracle doesn't have a +25 helmet and/or a +9 card.