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  • My 2 cents as an awesome oracle

    as great as my gear and cards are ( my chars name is HearseDriver, from undine, my videos including gear and stats can be seen on my youtube channel so its not like i have +12 gears and am just crying), i am stuck with a choice all damg no def, or all def and no damg. yes divine shield works for 14 seconds, yes with a +9 brilliant harmony card the skill lasts 11 sec. but after that with +6/7 buff cards that only reach lvl 60 +300, i have 42k hp. thats it. without the shield skills this class would basically be as useless as it was in e3. with this low of def after the mobs/boss kick my behind they are nice enough to gift wrap it and hand it back......

    heal pets can out heal me? seriously? and im supposed to be a healing class!! again another reason this class might not be as popular and unconsidered.

    please consider raising the def and buff levels of this class.

    another thing i noticed and got hosed with really bad is 9.5 raised certain jlvl requirements. i found this out the hard way after i redid my job points and could no longer get brilliant harmony which really made me mad and has severely screwed up my game play. i didnt bother to submit a ticket due to never getting the answer i feel i should get, "ok we did not post it would be adjusted let us reset it". nor will it be reset if this is read with a friendly pm we fixed ya, but thats life.

    but yes please finally give this class the boost its long overdue for.

    thank you.

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    With a +9 card, Briliant harmony would have a 6.8s effect and not 11. Perhaps you are mixing it up with the cd which would be 10.35s with a +24 helmet, a +9 card and 3 pw pieces.

    Since the dev's decided it's perfectly normal to give a mage chest the same pdef as a war one, getting a 175/185 set would solve the pdef issue.
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