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  • Oracle rework suggestion

    Hi all!

    One of the most important things in balancing classes is to give a class a niche - why would you want that class in your party as opposed to another.
    Oracle's niche has always been healing and boosting partymembers. Because oracle's healing does not scale well and the toggles give low stats compared to buffs, oracle is very underwhelming right now.

    The following are some changes to enhance the healing/boosting nature of oracle.
    Please let me know what you think.

    1. Change Radiant Flare and Premonition.
    Atm, RF boosts magical attacks by 10% and Premonition reduces the mana cost of RF.
    I propose changing RF to boost by 5% and to scale with Premonition: each lvl in Premonition adds 5% (for example). This means that at lvl 3 Premonition, RF does 15% and at lvl 6 (with PW gear) it does 30%. This would make it rewarding to party with an oracle, especially if the party has other mages.
    The soloing oracle would only slightly benefit from this change: a +23 oracle does roughly 2m per Mighty Energy Beat or Mass Repentance. With the new RF that would be
    roughly 2,6m.

    2a. Change Clear Poison to an cleanse-all skill.
    Poison is almost never a problem. Bleeds, fears, stuns and nightmares however are.
    This cleanse would need a longer cooldown than the Clear Poison has right now. How about 30 secs?
    Also, obviously, the oracle can't cleanse a crowd control off itself (fear, stun, petrify, silence).

    2b. Change Miracle to an aoe cleanse.
    Instead of a solotarget cleanse with a shorter cooldown, we could have an aoe cleanse with a long cooldown. Miracle would be perfect for this: the current version is almost
    never used. 1 hour cooldown may be too long though, how about 20 minute cooldown (decreasing slightly per lvl and card)?
    Implementing both 2a and 2b seems too overpowered so this would have to be an either/or.

    3. Boost the healing.
    This has already been suggested by several people but i'll mention it again: oracle heals are really low. Either change the formula to include a % of the target, let heals scale better with m. atk or let (player-) heals crit.

    4. Boost the toggles.
    The toggles have low stats and the HP and MP toggles are pretty useless overall.
    Could we raise the stats and change the HP/MP for say, +20 attackspeed/castspeed and + 5 critrate/+20 critpower?
    Consider for instance the following proposal:

    Current toggles (no cards, no extra lvls) Proposal
    Hymn of Focus Agi +64 / Dex +64 Agi +64 / Dex +64
    Mass Bless Armor P.Def +288 / Vit +21 P.Def +400 / Vit +40
    Mass Bless Weapon P. Atk +288 / Str +21 P. Atk +288 / Str +21
    Mass Bless Magic Power M Atk. +288 / Int +21 M Atk. +288 / Int +21
    Mass Bless Magic Armor M. def +288 / Wis +21 M. def +288 / Wis +21
    Mass HP Regeneration HP Recov. +160 removed
    Mass MP Regeneration MP Recov. +160 removed
    Hymn of Power atk spd +20 / c spd +20
    Hymn of Speed critrate +5 / crit pow +20

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    letting heals crit would be so awesome! taking in factor the critpower and critrate, making meph card mandatory for healers