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Oracles Aren't Terrible! But They Could do With Some Love Too!

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  • Oracles Aren't Terrible! But They Could do With Some Love Too!

    Woo, I get to take some huge chunks of text from the Cardinal section. Brb.

    I quite like the Oracle, it seems to be an underplayed class, however it is a very effective AoE DD, and not a terrible healer either I guess.

    I haven't been mentioning the various weapon/armour passives in other topics, however they need reworking and giving the same treatment as the crossbow weapon passives!

    (Class) Weapons Mastery/Magical training Mastery should give a % increase to patk or matk, like the the xbow passive that increases patk by a % when using a xbow.

    Armour Mastery, should increase pdef or icky mdef by a % also.

    But now, back to Cardinals (Oracles).

    Flash: Is a weak spell with an unnoticeable pacc debuff for the target for 15 seconds and a 30 sec CD. Boost the power, make it a % pacc debuff, make the CD and effect duration the same, and you have a great friend for the slayer.

    Heaven's Spear: Weak spell, slightly longer range than most. But now completely useless because you have MEB.

    Shining Cross: Huge MP consumption, small AoE that doesn't do much damage on a single target, and even less on multiple targets!

    Shining Buster: Weak, slow, uses a lot of MP for very little damage. On the plus side, it has no CD....! Still useless.

    Earth Spear: Low damage, 4 sec stun, 45 sec CD. Nice for CC, but that's a lost art, so not worth using.

    Frost Spear: Low damage, nice attack speed debuff, but short duration and quite long CD. Activates Vortex Magic, and that's pretty much the best thing about it...

    Acid Swamp: 5 sec, 30% movespeed debuff with a fixed dot that ticks every second. If this was an AoE with matk based dot, a 10 sec duration and 30 sec CD, it could be a pretty nice skill, as it is, completely useless.

    Frozen Snare: Activates Vortex Magic, but..... That's the only good point. Fixed damage DoT that ticks every second, with a hold effect. I think at high levels the CD isn't much longer than duration. Cardinals seem to be a LOT about speed debuffs, move speed in particular, but freezing can limit other actions too. Like Acid Swamp an AoE version could make Cardinals very useful. They would LOVE an AoE that activated Vortex Magic.

    Acid Spray: Used to be useful, now not worth it. Pdef debuff and a fixed DoT every 3 seconds. This can become permanent. Weakness Skin got a nice boost recently, Making Acid Spary a % pdef debuff with a matk based DoT, that would make it quite useful, particularly in Devildom.

    Clear Poison: This is MY absolute 100% favourite Cardinal skill! Its usefulness is unrivalled! Maybe.... 70% success, so not even guaranteed to work...... Chance of nullifying an effect that no one need removing. Seriously, I do not know what could be done to this skill to keep it true to itself but actually do.... SOMETHING! Personally, I would like if it would be an MP heal of some sort, like Lucid Dream. Cardinals do use quite a bit of MP.

    Divine Shield: More of an Oracle skill, but it's not so broken that it does nothing, it just doesn't have much use for most people. I know I don't get any use out of thise because I use a 2h staff (because I'm cheap).

    One skill I NEVER mentioned in the Cardinal thread is... Minor Healing. It's..... Terrible. Caster only, itty bitty tiny heal for huge MP cost? For me, this would be the PRIME skill to make in to a %HP heal, I would prefer it to be targetable however. Deep Evasion got a really nice boost recently. So that's one racial skill down two to go. A 2-4% HP resto that ticks every 3 seconds for 15 seconds with a 15 second CD would be my preference, as it remains a minor heal, but retains usefulness throughout the entire game.

    Next up would be Priest skills, but they don't have any so straight to Oracle skills!

    Guardian Angel: Great skill, no problems here!

    Brilliant Harmony: Reduces the damage taken by the target by 66% and increases the caster's Int and cast speed by 30% and MP Rec by 100% for.... 5 Seconds. It's a nice damage reduction, however the duration of this skill when it has a 1min(45 sec with maxed passive) CD limits its usefulness a LOT. 30% more int for the Oracle isn't much, I don't feel they really need much cast speed either, and they definitely don't need yet another MP recovery skill. Reduce the damage reduction and increase the duration and you potentially have a very useful skill, however at the moment it doesn't really seem worth the TP.

    Rapture: Means you have a constant +200% MP recovery boost. It works, it is relatively useful too. However Oracles also have:

    Spiritual Destruction: Increases MP recovery by 50% (+5% per level past 10) Every time a mob is killed. Since Oracles have Rapture active constantly and it is by far the better of the two, I don't see any need for this second MP recovery passive. It's ok, however it could be more useful. Unlike:

    Divine Recovery: You have a chance when struck critically to recovery 1% of MP per tick for 30 seconds. Really... Oracles don't want to be getting hit in the first place as... They're kind squishy (Is Divine Shield still like Essence of Invulnerability?). In addition to this, Oracles already have a LOT of mp recovery from various sources, do they really need a passive that recovers yet more MP, but only when they're hit critically? To me, this one is pointless and definitely could be improved.

    Angel's Deception: Has a very small chance to give you a +3% Int and Matk buff for 30 seconds and stacks 3 times. The proc chance is very low, however the buff is useful. Aside from the low proc rate I feel this is a good skill.

    Radiant Flare: A nice DoT which can be permanent, ticks every second for good damage and increases the magical damage they take. Although the DoT doesn't feel as strong as it used to be, and in high KS parties in Rota it doesn't get much use. I don't feel it is a bad skill and has a lot of potential in Devildom. I suppose a dream would be to have it become a small range AoE to increase its usefulness. However I don't feel it NEEDS this per se, it would simply be a way to improve on an already useful skill.

    Mass Repentance: By far the Oracle's best skill, lots of damage, relatively quickly, good range AoE. Although the short CD can be annoying solo, I feel this is a great skill and doesn't really need any changes.

    Holy Protection: You have a chance when stuck to reduce the damage you take. Again, Oracles don't really want to be getting hit in the first place. With the name "Holy Protection" there is a lot of scope for how this skill could be changed to become more useful. As it is, it's... Ok I guess, but not an "OMG that's SO useful!" Skill.

    Heavenly Grace: Does what it says on the tin -30% MP reduction. Not particularly exciting, it has some usefulness, but Oracles aren't exactly lacking in ways to improve their MP efficiency.

    Heaven and Hell: This is the ONLY reason there are so many Oracles. If you want permanent +10 or 20% you need a lot. Getting +20 Heaven is incredibly useful. I get it is meant to have a negative effect too, however the Hell aspect simply just seems to irritate players. It's not broken, it does what it's supposed to, but that doesn't mean that getting Hell on all your slaves is any less annoying.

    Now we get to the buffs!

    Hymn of Focus: Gives a nice increase to Dexterity and Agility, however it is a fixed amount, and while I really like percentages, I do feel that this skill would benefit from a fixed amount and a %. Aside from that, it's a nice toggle to have on the party.

    Blessings: Give a nice increase to primary stats and a small increase to secondary stats. They work! But the increase to secondary stats is rather small if you have high gears because..... It's a fixed amount not one of those nice percentages!

    Mass Blessings: Changes the balance of the primary/secondary buffs. Which leads to getting only a small increase to primary stats and.... Not a very big increase to secondary stats. Lets say you have a very modest 1,000 Str or Int, the 25-30 more from Mass Blessings is.... Not much of a difference, and the p/matk part is even less. They aren't useless, however they could be much, much more useful. The same goes for the regular Blessings.

    Shining Weapon: I really struggle not to describe this buff as completely and utterly pointless. At high levels, lets say... Rank 6 or more? The fixed additional damage that isn't affected by chips and crit power is completely unnoticeable. I think the only reason I personally use this buff is out of habit and nothing more.

    Heals, that's what healers are for! However, as HP has increased it is something they have struggled to do. Now, most healing is done by heal pets because their heals get MUCH better matk modifiers. Character heals use less of a characters matk % and more of a FIXED AMOUNT. People who have been keeping up may have realised that I really don't like fixed amounts, they're good at low levels, but useless at high levels. But, if you use a % then as stats increase they tend to keep up better.

    Oracles are adapt AoE healers, with Mass Healing and Touch of the Goddess, the Cardinal excels at single target healing due to more levels of Rapid healing, and the fact Seraphic Remedy can bounce back and forth between two targets to increase its effectiveness. Overall though, I feel that heals from Cardinals and Oracles require some attention, to enable them to do their job. Since, you know.... They're healers?

    Overall, the Oracle is not a bad class, it seems there aren't many who actually play it, which seems strange to me because they are good DDs and ok healers. However, they certainly have aspects upon which they could improve.