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Aoe heals and heals in general.

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  • Aoe heals and heals in general.

    Hello! =)

    I'd like to suggest some changes speaking of oracle;

    1. The pets can heal more than oracles do: I have a +21 lvl 170 staff and fully buffed I can heal about 20k ish, while my pet can do the same with only +12 stuff. I think this shouldn't be like this.
    2. With the slayer boost, I started to hate healing slayers. Since they have hundreds of hp, my 20k heals seems to do nothing. I think, we should get a +%of the targets hp, like 20k + 4% of the character that we cast our spell on.
    3. The miracle skill would be very effective, if it would have a shorter cd. Since it has 1hour, when I would be in a need of it, i even forget, that it exist. Its just thrown onto my skillbar, but I never use is, because of the long cd.
    4. When we are using mass healing, we can't heal secondary pets. It's really annoying in the dungeons, especially in the devildom. We get a 10k dot for the whole pt, and i have no choice but to abandon the secondary pets to heal the rest of the party. Since those creatures are the part of the party, I think this PARTY heal should heal them too.
    5. Poison clear skill would be a really good skill, if it would remove more effects. For example the bleeding, break down, move speed debuff etc.
    6. I think we would deserve some silence/stun/sleep resistance, to be able to save the rest of the party.
    7. When we are healing, we get every agro for a poorly timed spell. I'd bring up the pets again, they have a shadow illusion, that generates absolutely no aggro at all. We should get something like that.
    Being in a party, where the tank didnt hit a mob, If i heal him, I'll die sooner than he could realise, and after that, without a healer, he'll die too, but if i don't heal him, I'm letting him die. If a mob stuns the tank after chipping it. The same thing happens.
    8. The party window's display is delayed. I believe It's a good thing to keep an eye on the party window, in case I've missed something in the chaotic battle situation, but because it has a delay, I often react too late.

    These are my ideas, and I hope they are useful and will be helped.