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  • Suggestion for healing skill

    Hello to GMs
    I just want to say for oracle class we dont have a good balancing cuz for 2 higher dungeons oracle cant heal another party members cuz effect skills and dmg are more than healing skills
    for example in island dungeon just for skill effect for bosses are 10k or more and mass healing and touch of gods cant heal all members or rapid healing
    this skills need more healing for that (even with +25 gear)
    thanks for attention

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    I'd make healing skills (or create another one) that heals for a percentage of the target's HP, rather than a set amount. That would make healers much more useful in dungeons and against hard hitting bosses or mobs that steal 50% of your HP.

    Classic quotations: No issue here. Closing this thread.


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      A % healing Resto would be quite useful in places now. Although, Berserkers and Mercs need a way to get more HP like Temp and Slayer so that all Warriors can make good tanky!