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Important Information to Note Before Making a Topic

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  • Important Information to Note Before Making a Topic

    Dear players,

    For the release of 9.5 we have been working closely with the developers at Gala to start the rebalancing of all classes.
    We have been working with them on the Slayer, Voidmage, Cardinal, Master Breeder and Overlord. This has been a successful collaboration and the changes are currently set to arrive with the new expansion.

    In an effort to get some feedback on how you'd like to see the balancing of the different classes reworked and improved, we have come to an agreement with Gala to extend the discussion to include yourselves.

    The final decision will still be with Gala, but we are very happy to get you involved. To make you aware, the suggestions provided now will not be included at the time of release but with updates in the following months. To assist with this, we shall be staggering the discussions of the classes. We aim to open up discussions of 3 additional classes every 2 weeks until we have the full 15 classes.

    When providing your feedback, please be as detailed as you can.
    Include skill names, what needs to be changed and why you feel this way.

    Remember: The more detail, the better!

    Posts such as "This skill is broken, fix it!" or "This class is a joke! It needs to be changed." are not helpful and will most likely be removed.

    We ask that you work together and stay as constructive as you can. We want to see healthy discussions and debate so we can try and come to an agreement.

    Thank you in advance for your input!

    Kind regards,
    Your Rappelz team.