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Changing the Oracle Healing Tree (fairly long read!)

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  • Changing the Oracle Healing Tree (fairly long read!)

    Hi everyone,

    I've been playing Oracle for a short while now, and I wanted to put forth some ideas to make the healing tree a little less...useless.

    I, myself, am a DD Oracle, so this doesn't really apply to me, but I know there's people out there who love playing healer/support roles in video games, and Rappelz is rather disappointing.
    With the addition of OP Soul Pets, builing your character as a pure healer has become obsolete.

    Pure healing classes are unappealing for one main reason.
    Nearly any healing you can do, your pet can do it better. (Only exception being AoE heals)

    There's just no demand for a pure healer/support anymore, hence why I created this thread.

    I've taken inspiration from other games, as well as just thinking of my own ideas.

    There are 2 sections below, separated by the line.
    This forum doesn't seem to have spoiler tags, so this is the only way I could think of without making it look TOO messy.

    Section 1 will be the current oracle tree.
    Section 2 will have my proposed changes.


    Current Skill Tree

    I know that this stuff will never happen, but any game I've invested time into, I usually take to the Forums to put forth ideas.

    Guardian Angel (1 TP per level)
    Upon Death, player will resurrect with no exp loss and will re-gain max HP, max MP and all buffs.

    Brilliant Harmony (1 TP)
    Skill that can be cast on a player, reduces incoming damage by 66%, and increasing own Int and cast speed by 30%, and MP recovery by 100%

    Reduces CD of Brilliant Harmony

    Mass Healing
    Heals everyone in the party

    Touch of the Goddess
    Heal over time to all party members

    Heals target and applies a heal over time

    Chance upon receiving damage to activate a self buff.
    Buff increases MP. Recovery by 20%, can stack 10x

    Divine Recovery
    Chance of receiving a buff when struck with a critical hit.
    1% of mp is recovered periodically

    Spiritual Destruction
    Chance when killing an enemy to activate 10s of 50% increased MP recovery

    Shining Weapon
    AoE buff

    Shining Armour
    AoE buff

    Proposed Skill Tree

    Guardian Angel (1 TP per level)
    Leave as is.
    Essentially a free GMFB.

    Divine Aegis (Replaces Brilliant Harmony)
    ​Heals the target and applies a damage absorbing shield around them.

    This shield will absorb twice the amount healed as damage.
    Example: If you heal for 10,000 HP, the shield will absorb a total of 20,000 damage.

    30 second cooldown
    Shield lasts for 20 seconds, or until it is destroyed

    *Reason for change*
    While Brilliant harmony is a great skill, it is far too situational to be useful on a consistent basis.

    Having a new healing skill that also applies an absorbing shield has far more practical applications, and opens up more opportunities for using your TP skill.

    Reduces the cooldown of Divine Aegis by 3s per level (Maximum of -9 seconds)

    Mass Healing
    Leave as is

    Touch of the Goddess
    This skill needs the initial recovery like the skill description states.

    Leave as is

    Focus (Replaces Rapture)
    Passive that gives all your healing skills a chance to heal critically.

    This passive gives your heals a chance to heal for 75% extra (Does NOT use your crit rate/power)

    Each level gives a 2.5% chance, with a maximum of 25%.

    So, if your normal heals recover 10k HP, a critical heal will heal for 17.5k
    If your Restoration ticks for 1500, a critical tick will heal 2625 instead.

    *Reason for change*
    This goes hand in hand with the next skill too.

    Having 3 MP. recovery skills is too much. Especially when 2 of them are situational at best.
    As a healer, you will not be getting hit TOO often, and 2 passives that only apply when you are being hit, or being hit critically, it's just not worth it.

    Healing power as an Oracle has always been fairly low.
    Critical heals are random, but it's a high enough chance to be extremely useful.
    These criticals apply to every skill that heals. Mass Healing, Restoration, the new TP skill. Everything.

    Quick note: This will apply to the new skill I have proposed.
    So, if you critically heal with the new TP skill, the absorbing shield will also be increased!

    Focus Mastery
    Passive skill.

    When you land a critical heal, you will gain a buff that restores a percentage of your maximum mana.
    Each level grants 0.3% max MP recovery per tick (Level 10 will be 3% per tick)

    Lasts 10 seconds.

    *Reason for change*
    Oracles do not need 3 passives for MP. recovery.

    This skill is enough to upkeep mana during heavy healing sessions.
    It activates whenever you heal critically, and restores 30% of your max MP every 10 seconds.

    Not ridiculously situational like the previous passives.

    Clarity of Mind (Replaces Spiritual Destruction)
    Increases the healing power of your recovery skills by 1.5% per level (15% increase at level 10)

    *Reason for change*
    Oracles are meant to be the healing class. With pets who are able to heal better, that will never be more than a laughable statement.
    This passive solidifies our role as a healer, giving us a 15% bonus over all other healing/support classes.

    Rejuvenation (New skill)
    Clears a single negative effect from the target.
    Follow a hierarchy of Immobilizing effect -> Debilitating effect -> Damaging effect -> Debuffing effect

    3 second cooldown

    Immobilizing effects are anything that prevents you from performing actions and/or attacks. Stun, Blind, Petrify, Seal. etc
    Debilitating effects are anything that prevents movement, but not attacks. Hold, for example
    Damaging effects are anything that damages you over a period of time. Poison, HM mobs DoT. etc.
    Debuffing effects are anything that reduces your stats or attributes. Mov. Speed degrade, Breakers, Attack speed decrease etc.

    So, if a target is inflicted with Petrify, move speed degrade and Poison, the order of removal will be Petrify -> Poison -> Mov. Speed degrade.

    *Reason for skill*
    Clear Poison, while it's great, it only clears poison.

    A skill that removes effects has always been a staple of healing classes!
    Healing classes desperately need a skill like this. It increases our usefulness tenfold in DPs that are against mobs who can debuff players.

    We need a way to remove debuffs and DoTs that are not called poison!

    Hostility Purge (New skill)
    Active skill that reduces your current threat on all active targets to 1 point

    90 second cooldown
    Each level reduces the cooldown by 3 seconds (10 levels, end cooldown is 60 seconds)

    *Reason for skill*
    With the increased healing power of this proposed skill tree, Oracle aggro generation will be higher.
    A skill that decreases threat by a significant amount will be extremely useful.

    This skill could either be an instant aggro reduction like I suggested, or some kind of toggle/self-buff that provides an x% reduction to threat generation.

    Shining Weapon
    Leave as is

    Shining Armour
    Leave as is


    Thankyou to everyone who read this monolith of a thread! ^^

    Most of them are fairly big changes to the way an Oracle heals/works, but these types of changes are needed.

    I've always been one to flock to the support/healer role in MMOs, but they are so obsolete in Rappelz that I felt forced to go the DD route.

    Please leave any thoughts, criticism, ideas and suggestions if you are as interested in getting a real healer in the game
    I know my ideas aren't perfect, but I enjoy writing things like this.

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    I'm not to sure about the lack of demand for a fs healer. At the least it depends on what you do and with what classes. It might also vary per server. Most of the oracles in my guild are fs. An advantage a healer has over a pet is that their range is bigger. I like that an oracle is able to keep healing when the bone dragons throws an AoE fear. Pets would either move in and out range and heal slower, stand in range and get feared or don't get feared but heal for much lower amounts.

    Another advantage is that they can spam heals faster when you need more heals over huge heals. If you have a cardi tanking cube for example.

    Briliant harmony tends to be extremely lame in cube and not extremely useful in most UG dungeons, but level 4 PP is an exception. The highest hit I got on my (16-17kish def+bdef) templar was around 80-90k. Since you see the attack coming a mile away an oracle can use BH for that. It will be harder to heal on a petclass. If they plan on adding similar attacks in newer dungeons I would much prefer BH over a shield that would shatters instantly and reduce less damage. A heal + shield skill like that would indeed be much more useful in cube. That same temp in a defensive setup wouldn't need any other heals except that one. Probably around 6 per run, but it would be easier to use it on a off tank no vit AoE DD instead and only use it on temp for butkada. Though it is powerful, it doesn't sound very challenging.

    I do agree that their heals should be higher and that 2 defensive procs are lame. But I would rather see higher mods on heals or a toggle or passive that incs heal amounts than crit heals. Part of being a good healer is managing your aggro. Random crits could make this a lot tougher. That and your suggested passives would lead to fs oracles using 100% crit build. A change like this would actually benefit DD builds with one or more TPs in the first tree over a fs builds.

    One of the biggest advantages a pet has is that you can fully dethreat it. I would love to see something similar for oracles. Preferably a single heal, HoT or AoE that will never aggro..That's another thing about ToG. Because it misses the initial heal amount the threat is much lower and is safer to use.

    I don't know about the removing negative effects. PVP I like stunned people staying stunned, I also like to keep murderous intent and a lot of people like Butkada stacks while they don't like wrath. I'm not sure how often you use clear poison, but the main problem with it is that it fails so often. I would settle for a 100% chance of clearing poison and if it removed bleed and move debuff as well it would be even betterl. Alternatively a low chance AoE party version of it or a toggle that adds a chance of removing those effects when healing would also work..


    • Triss
      Triss commented
      Editing a comment
      Hey, thanks for the reply ^^

      Couple points.

      1) I agree that the heals should be higher than other classes, hence the passive that gives +15% extra healing power to all skills that recover HP.

      2) The crit heals do not take on your crit rate/crit power, that'd be hilariously broken.
      It's a flat 25% chance to heal 75% extra.

      I made sure to do that carefully so it didn't go off your crit rate.

      3) I was meant to put in a de-threat section about the crit heals/other skills, but completely forgot.
      I'm at work right now, but I'll make sure to add that in afterwards. Thanks for reminding me ^^

      4) IMO, removing the negative effects is one of the most important skills in any healer's repertoire.
      I know PVP is a bit of an issue, but it'd be great for group PVP.
      Currently, there are so many skills out there that are just instant GG.

      Petri, Tectonic Spike, Radiant Flare, SSS etc. etc.
      The list goes on and on.

      Finally there'd be a hard counter for these skills.
      It'd be excellent in group PVP

      At its core, Rappelz is a PvE game, though.
      I didn't want to deny a healing class this kind of skill simply because it could be a game changer in PvP.

      For Agoraphobia, MI and other skills like that, just take them out of the negative effects list. Or, leave them at the very end of the hierarchy, so they are only removed if no other effects are in place.

      Anyway, gotta get back to work. :P

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    Completely forgot about this thread, and that I was meant to put some kind of aggro skill in there.

    I have to head to work very soon, but I put a very (very!) rough new skill in my OP for threat reduction.
    I'll edit the OP again when I'm back from work, nice short shift tonight.


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      Moved to Oracle section so it doesn't get overlooked.
      Important things: forum rules - what Mods can & can't do - customer support ticket area


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        Should note that rapture gives you a stack upon casting a light based spell. Good for when you are throwing heals left and right.