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upgrade to the pets skills please

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  • upgrade to the pets skills please

    How long will they skip pets and their abilities without updating them?

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    I believe that the active abilities of pets have not suffered any significant drawback since I joined the rappelz world in 2010, why 2 more years to work something has already been left over for more than 8 years?


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      Originally posted by Brunohsantos View Post
      How long will they skip pets and their abilities without updating them?
      It's funny because this game was unique due to its pet system.. now pets are useless to 95% of players.. the pet skill damage is way weak compared to skills characters use. I have extremely pimped gears on pets to get them to hit 20-30mil which is a lot but when they have 959 attack speed and hit for 2mil the time to cast the skill isn't worth it.. and im PIMPED big time on pet gears... the pets have good crit power p attack etc but the skills aren't powerful at all.. it takes them years to do balances yet i know "other" servers that create 50x more content in months.. its just lack of money and resources into this game which is extremely old at this point


      • Brunohsantos
        Brunohsantos commented
        Editing a comment
        pets do not get updates on their attack skills since I joined this game in 2010, and master breeder is 100% dependent on their pets. If it's for developers to create a 100% pet support class, they should create good attack skills for each creature subclass. mage pets without AOE skills for example is a disrespect to the player pet class. I feel discouraged to play with the neglect with the only class that interests me to play.