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  • How about a REAL breeder?

    I have a few issues with the MB, and no, I'm no where near as experienced as others with the class, but I can say that playing next to a VM is just shamefully embarassing for me. My VM friend does like 10x the damage I do because of those AOE skills. I hit 1, they hit 7 at the same time and speed. It really stinks.

    That said, my main issues are with breeding. What's the bonus for breeding with a master breeder? Maybe 1 point? Now, give the breeder a handful of points and voila - demand for the breeder goes up again! My VM friend has the same + or higher than I do for taming, partly because he has a better taming card (mine is only +5) but still, shouldn't there be some legit bonus for taming for the "master" breeder? Since most of the taming bonuses are now things you buy, the point of having a master breeder is almost a complete wash.

    Same for leveling pets. Maybe give the breeder 3 extra slots in their formation for instance - for mass lvling pets used for staging? This is a breeder after all, so why not give it a REAL bonus over other toons for breeding?

    One thought was to tie a taming bonus to JLV after master class. a 0.1% FLAT taming rate increase per JLV would boost the demand for high lvl breeders a lot. At JLV 50, that's a FLAT 2.5% taming bonus for all pets, including uniques. I'm not talking a 2.5% of the total taming rate. If taming rates for a certain pet are 5%, I'm saying the MB at JLV 50 would be taming the same pet at 7.5%. If a pet is taming at 25% (e.g. pantera) the breeder would be taming at 27.5%. Flat increase, so that the more rare the pet, the higher the bonus, and again, the more demand for an advanced breeder there would be, ya? My calculations might be off, but it'd be a type of build for MB that would be an incentive to have, or pay for.

    I agree with the others to have some of the pet buffs be AOE, at LEAST for the party, and even more, at LEAST for all the breederr's pets. Why do I have to buff each pet individually? That's just lame.

    Or how about going one step further and make the pet buffs Aura based? As long as you're near the breeder (e.g. party) you get the buff, but it only lasts say 2 min. That way, the breeder doesn't have to rebuff the pets, and all in the party get the benefit. Plus, as soon as you summon a pet - bam - it has your pet buffs. Granted, not the oricle's buff, but still...

    My final thought was that there should be the ability to summon, even temporarily, a 3rd pet. A temp summon to pet 3 gives you a healer in the back pocket, or whatever. A perma summon makes the class a lot stronger without having to change a ton of skills or whatever. Yeah, they still fight in formation, but you now have a mini-party, right? Ranged healer, tank, mele, and whatever you skilled your breeder as.

    The point is to make the breeder DIFFERENT. Currently, so many of the other classes can do pretty much everything a breeder can do, so what's the point of a breeder at all? At least 2 or 3 of these thoughts might just make it worth it. Maybe the BM can kill faster. Maybe the VM will constantly smoke the MB, but if you make my MB good for SOMETHING at least, then I'd still be happy with that difference.

    Full Disclaimer: I like the MB and it's my main toon, so yeah, I want it to play better. :P I actually LIKE taming, and would love to seen an advantage for having a "taming" class.
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