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  • Marksman balance

    hello guys
    now we talk about the dead class
    so he need a lot of changes why ??? this class is a DD class But ....
    lets make him a DD class

    Heat Shot
    800% of p.atk
    CD time 0.5s
    cast time 1.5s

    Heat Shot fire on the target for 1 sec 100% p.atk per 0.5s and the marksman get 1 stack head shot

    Double Shot
    max is 4 attks
    300% of p.attk per attk
    CD time 1s
    cast time 2s
    skill level reduce CD no more
    no more attk cast
    the marksman hit all arrows in one time one stack head shot for the skill

    Steal Cage
    max 10 attks 0.5s time of attk
    400% p.atk per attk
    aoe 10m
    CD 10s
    Cast time 1s
    the marksman now can move but move speed reduce by 50% and every shot give one stack head shot

    Head Shot : buff
    every 3 stacks the Marksman next skill doing 200% more damage

    Bow experience : passive
    the Marksman get 50% accuracy from hes
    dexterity when Bow are used

    if u like my ideas guys plz late me know
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    You are totaly right about this class beeing forgotten while 80 % of community just discuss all those allready OP classses. They even fixed back to very good state cardinal and many other classes but they didnt give any improvement to this class! No idea why is this and from start of this game i liked playing archer later MM but it didnt take me long when i realised if i am to be able to progress any further in the game without crying for parties each day i log in...i had to leave my MM and make several other classes to be able to farm better rewarding places and not eternaly farming fields or low stages in UG/CC...which makes many sick by thinking of it .

    Also besides some skill changes and most importantly for sure improving AOE to MM as well since almost all other classes have better ways to do AOE, personaly MM should also get some boost in HP since they gave lol a supporting class like oracle passive HP boost but they dont give DD class that? BIG FAIL!!

    This class for sure needs also if we gonna mention PVP....some improvements also there in skills. Doesnt matter if some players maybe say Mm has range...but so does most of other classes and almost 90 % of classes have better debuffs vs others than MM has......MM has trap some would say...but no players are foolish to step on that trap you lay down as a dragon egg of some kind lol. Also arrow of delay(slow) is not 100 % affecting and only 30 % mov speed down and another skill( DMGing skill) taht has debuff is spiracle shock shot that can stun for like 1-3 sec and if players have stuff to decrease debuff duration maybe only like 1-2 sec....NOT much indeed.

    Survivability wise they even gave to a DE too much of that and nothing to MM so when you divide all.....sad to say i find MM as really forgotten and really low survival as well compared to any other class. SO SOMETHING MUST BE DONE without players saying crap like......MM is not meant like many classes for solo play or something like that because everyone that had played MM can agree on this when player say what they can do with thier class on same lvl of gear and what MM can do.....on MM side is kinda "little".

    Really hope they boost up MM ......ofc not too much but and if they do would be fun to play again with my oldest char ). GO GO ARCHERS!!!


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      I tried to give some ideas. and i have more and more but ... no one ware care about any of this so ya i just stoped