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Weakest class in the game needs a boost

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  • Weakest class in the game needs a boost

    With the last rebalancing magus got a boost. However, most other classes got far bigger boosts, and as a result Magus is now the worst and least popular class in the game by far.

    If you want to see a confirmation, you only need to look at the leaderboard to confirm how unpopular magus has become:

    Therefor I ask a significant boost. It's not the passives but the skill themselves that do way too little damage. A War Kahuna has the same level of support abilities but does at least 10x more damage with the same equipment. I don't ask for magus to do the same ammount of damage as a War Kahuna but it has to be closer then this.

    Also, according to most players the best classes now are still Slayer, Mercenary and Void Mage.

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    As a War Kahuna player, I agree that our counterpart needs a boost. On a side note, I really like my War Kahuna since the changes. I got OK gear, +22 axe and staff, which I switch to the one I need for the corresponding skills to hit hard. Gaians are also my favourite race.

    Anyway, what I think in the state of the game:

    -Scorching flame does low damage, I only find it useful to pull mobs to me. It's also annoying to have to wait 3 seconds for it to actually do damage

    -The magus flame spells could get multi-hits, like the War Kahuna maybe? I always thought our fire spells should wreck stuff (For both War Kahuna/Magus). It could increase Magus' AoE damage potential, which War Kahuna has a lot of right now.

    -Magus has a 40 sec cooldown AoE healing now I believe? Is it still worth a point?

    -The wind passives you get that reflect damage should go back to active skills which reduces damage taken instead (A temporary buff, so you'd be useful in a group)

    -The flame shield skill is useless for both of us. Maaaybe it could be useful if it would scale off a % of our magic attack and our physical attack like spinning blow.

    -Your healing water spells should have a MUCH lower cooldown...maybe similar to healing pets.

    -I think your earth and wind aoes deserve a big boost too. Not only in power but also in attack range.

    -I think your petrifying ability is ok. How about you?

    -Maybe magus could get a passive which applies the wind buff that increases attack/magic attack and attack speed that spreads it to whole party?

    Sorry I don't know the name for many of the skills, as I play on French server.
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