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Magus as of 2018 balancing update

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  • Magus as of 2018 balancing update

    Hi, since some skills had updates I tought it would be usefull to make a new topic to discuss magus skill changes post okt 2018.

    I did some comparing in game with players that have simular equips and came to the following conclusions:

    Single- target damage is fine as it is.
    Healing is good (the reduced number of targets for healing gust was deserved). This is also needed. Magus can't make propper use of for example the Soul- of Lunacy card to stay alive, doesn't have something like Sadism, low vit, almost no defensive passives and is generally bad at taking damage.

    Tanking is weak but that's ok, magus is not supposed to tank. The healing abilities compensate here. (just enough to stay alive when taking stray agro from healing)

    AOE damage is HORRIBLE, I'm tired of being refused out of dp's because "magus doesn't have aoe damage".
    Support (one of this class supposed main attributes) lacks severly. The only usefull support skill is support of gust. Reflections were never fixed and instead turned into useless passives that support a broken fireshield. (the intended damage reduction doesn't work as it was described with the update).

    So I propose the following:

    Severly reducing the CD on root of mother nature (it's the only aoe that does some- what decent damage) and other aoe skills (shortest cd aoe is 1 min now, that's more then any other class I know)
    or better, turn tectonic spike into an aoe. It is a TP skill afterall, and it's damage was severly reduced in the past for pvp reasons. Turning it into an aoe will make it worthy of a tp skill again (the way vengefull spirit is). Potentially with a maximum number of targets.

    Arcane Swell: this skill was fine when it was introduced, but a short buff with a 10 min cd on a support class should do something good. These days with 8 slot belts, E-TD's, emblems, awakenings everywhere, final awakened gloves, HV buffs, buffslaves, etc. 30 atk + 30 cast speed is negliable.
    I suggest to make this short buff the same as the Gaint Snail effect from the Haloween event (20% P and m atk, 30% atk and cast speed, 20% max HP). This way a party may get a magus for support. And since it only lasts 30 seconds with a 10 min cd, it won't break the game.

    Less important:
    Spirit Of Restoration: Currently useless. Last time I used this and didn't feel like it was worthless was manny epics ago. I sugest to turn it into a MP restoration instead of HP and increase the ammount substantially.

    Focused Gust: Turning it into a cast speed version of support of gust, but keeping the shared cd. This way you have to chose between supporting 1 player in the party with either atk OR cast speed. This would make for more intresting gameplay. Currently totally useless.

    Feel free to post feedback on this.

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    VM is neither made to tank and yet here he is soloing dd6 :/

    Magus should get a spammable aoe, tectonic and root of mother nature as an aoe is a good idea... with a lets say 10s cd you could work with it.
    "Support"part of Magus is redundant since everyone hits max atk speed anyway. and lets face it with the latest patch the priest with his toogles does that job pretty good.
    So either drastically buff the aoe or increase the single target dps (which is fine right now) to compensate for the lack of aoe, support and tankyness doubling the current single target dps should seal the deal.
    but right now there is no reason to actually play magus over any other class.