Magus Re-balance Revisited.

Note: Some of these are out dated descriptions which have been changed through out the years as balancing attempts were made. Rather then address the other skills obtained while changing jobs from Rogue to Kahuna to Druid, I've focused on the Magus Skill Tree here.
Spiritual Attunement 1 ~ 2 Passive +40% MP Recovery
Healing Gust 1 Light Active Heal that travels from one person to the next, Travels 4 times, ~14k HP recovered, 20% less Hp is recovered every bounce, distance 10m, heal can be stacked, CD=6s
MP: 1570
*CHANGE* Healing Gust is basically the AOE version of Essence of Life with a much lower CD. I personally believe the dot Heal is over kill. I get that two Talent Point slots are dedicated to the bounce effect. Elemental Devotion would need to be reworked as well to compensate for the bounce heal loss. (Current CD of 8 Seconds should return to 6)
Elemental Devotion 1 ~ 3 Passive Lvl 1(2/3) of "Healing Wave": travels 5(6/7), Bounce Reduces HP 16(12/8)%, CD -1,5s
*CHANGE* Reduces Cool Down by 0.5 seconds per level changed to 1 second per level.
Restoring Purified Water 21 ~ 30 Water Active 16s HoT: 6%*M.Atk.+540 HP every tick (every 3s),
CD: 1.5s
MP: 1282
*CHANGE* Useless skill due to current Healing Gust. The Dot Heal is higher then the Gust Dot and the low CD make it a viable option if the Gust Dot does not exist. No Change required.
Spirit Of Restoration 6 ~ 9 Water Active Continuously restores the HP of allies around the target: HP recovery 325, Duration=10s, Distance=15m, CD=3m
MP: 570
*CHANGE* Increase the HP tick of this skill. 325 HP doesn't do squat versus something that can hit you for 150K. This would be a great place to put the Healing Gust Dot. And for those Magus players who enjoy playing healer it would create more inteact besides mashing down the Healing ust Hot key in each Devildom room.
Angelic Mist 1 ~ 10 Light Active Heal: ~2.5k HP, single target, CD=2s
MP: 445
*CHANGE* No Change needed
Mirrored Swiftness 1 ~ 10 Passive CD reduced on Petrifying Skills -60s
*CHANGE* Add this effect to Gain Resilience. It's silly to have it as a stand alone.
Ponder 1 ~ 4 Passive +7% Int, +7% Wis
*CHANGE* 4 levels = 7% increase is just a weird formula. I'd like to see 5% per level.
Ancestral Vessel 1 ~ 10 Passive Reduced Spirit of Restoration CD by -10s
*CHANGE* reducing a skill that has literally next to zero effect is a waste of a passive. This should be a bigger reduction but only if the skill cast time it reduces gets a major boost. An appropiate reducion would be 15 seconds per skill level totalling 150 seconds off of the skills 180 second CD.
Gaian Strength 6 ~ 7 Earth Active Buff: +2% Crit. Ratio, +5,9 Crit. Power for 30m,
CD: 15s
MP: 385
*CHANGE* Duration should match other buffs instead of ending prematurely.
Gaian Resilience 6 ~ 7 Passive +7% resistance to sleep, petrify, fear
*CHANGE* Higher resistance chances. 1% per level is laughable. 5% per level seems more realistic. That still leaves about a 2/3 chance to fail. Further more, it should apply to all forms of disabling such as Stuns, Blinds, and so on.
Flamemongert 1 ~ 2 Passive Increases M.atk. by 150% of Int.
*CHANGE* include Strength in this calculation. Kahuna is a hybrid and some skills require Macc & Pacc and deal Matt & Patt.
Tectonic Spike 1 Active 16 sec DOT ~7k Earth and ~7k Fire dmg per tick (every 3s), CD=10s
MP: 1250
*CHANGE* Duration should be returned to the original duration. Have it match Scorching Flame again.
ALSO! This would make a wonderful AOE. It could be classified the same as Vengeful Spirit or Chain Lightning. Being a Talent Point skill it's not boosted by a highly enchanted helm. The only way to increase it's power is to use PW defined armor pieces which wouldn't make much sense with other gear like Cyclone Lords Blessing etc. And the fact that it's not an agro heavy skill works well with the low HP a magus has. Magus gets an AOE it deserves that's limited due to it being a Talent Point skill.
Earth And Fire 1 ~ 3 Passive Increases Damage of "Power Of All Earth And Fire"
*CHANGE* No Change needed
Explosion Of Petrification 11 ~ 20 Earth Active 13s DOT (~6.2k dmg/tick, 1 tick every 3s) and Chance of petrification (13s), petrified target can be attacked, CD=30s
MP: 437
*CHANGE* A slight increase in duration to match Scorching flames current duration.
Scorching Flame 11 ~ 20 Fire Active 16s DOT: ~3.7k dmg/tick (every 3s), CD=30s
MP: 320
*CHANGE* No Change needed
Bleak Squall 1 ~ 10 Wind Active Damages target (~4.4k P.Atk, and ~6.4k M.Atk.) and applies 13s Debuff (-30% Move Speed), CD=20s
MP: 165
*CHANGE* AOE. There's really no way around this one. Mass Repentance. Rainbow Field. All the high damage AOEs the Dark Mages have. As I've said before it's an air skill. It's a Wind Storm. Even a tornado that has a focal point wipes out everthing near it. The damage is low already compared to other caster single target attacks like Maelstrom Bolt, Might Energy Beat, etc... Making this an AOE totally makes sense and it can generate enough agro to put the squishy magus in check real quick.
Mental Link 1 ~ 10 Passive Player Gains 30% of Creatures Int. & Wis.
*CHANGE* Pet in formation instead of the pet summoned. Magus loses so much when the pet dies and is recalled which makes the magus completely dependent on it's pet. This change could allow different pet builds and more instead of everyone having the same thing.
Versatility 1 ~ 10 Passive +100 P.Atk, and +100 M.Atk.
*CHANGE* is 10 of each per level even worth putting the skill points into? Needs a major increase. Say 1000 points per level of the passive.
Earthly Presents 1 ~ 10 Passive 100% Resistance to all seals
*CHANGE* Currently broken. Make this actually work and add all types of seal effects.
Cyclon Lord's Blessing 1 ~ 10 Passive 1% of Max MP is converted into P.Atk., and M.Atk.
*CHANGE* Every Magus is familiar with this passive. No change needed.
Natural Sorcery 21 ~ 30 Passive +160 M.Atk.
*CHANGE* Irrelevant passive. No idea what to do with this one.
Wheel Of Destiny 6 ~ 7 Passive Chance +210% P.Atk. after crit. Skill damage
*CHANGE* Increase Health instead of Power attack.
Tidal Trance 1 ~ 2 Passive -30% MP consumption on all skills
*CHANGE* No Change needed
Angel's Force 1 Active Buff: +30 Str, Vit, Agi, Int, Wis, Dex, Luck. for 30m,
CD: 15s
MP: 3250
*CHANGE* No Change needed
Heavenly Power 1 ~ 3 Passive Increases "Angel's Force" by 3/6/9
*CHANGE* No Change needed
Enchanted Weapon: Fire 11 ~ 16 Fire Active Self-Toggle: +528 Fire damage to basic attacks,
CD: 15s
MP: 190, Upkeep: 17 MP/5s
*CHANGE* remove basic attacks and include all attacks. Damage should scale higher for additional fire damage.
Enchanted Weapon: Lightning 11 ~ 16 Wind Active Self-Toggle: 5% chance to stun target for 2s while using basic attacks,
CD: 15s
MP: 190, Upkeep: 17 MP/5s
*CHANGE* remove basic attacks and include all attacks
Enchanted Weapon: Earth 11 ~ 16 Earth Active Self-Toggle: 12s poison with basic attack,
CD: 15s
MP: 190, Upkeep: 17 MP/5s
*CHANGE* No Change needed
Enchanted Weapon: Water 11 ~ 16 Water Active Self-Toggle: recovers 640 MP per basic attack,
CD: 15
MP: 190, Upkeep: 17 MP/5s
*CHANGE* Create a Vampiric Effect where the MP gained stacks on top of max MP at a rate of 640 per tick that lasts for roughly 30 seconds.
Focused Gust 1 ~ 10 Wind Active Self-Buff: +25% Atk. Spd. for 15s,
CD: 30s
MP: 230
*CHANGE* include Cast speed
Arcane Swell 1 ~ 10 Earth Active Party Buff: +30 Atk./Cast Spd. for 30s,
CD: 10m
MP: 1550
*CHANGE* Cool Down is way too long. Needs to be reduced drastically to be useful.
Breath Of Life 1 ~ 10 Passive +10% Max MP, +10% MP Recovery.
*CHANGE* Increase 1% per level to 2.5% per level.
Speed Of The Wind 11 ~ 16 Wind Active Buff: +36 Move Speed for 30m,
CD: 15s
MP: 360
*CHANGE* No Change needed
Rock Energy 11 ~ 16 Earth Active Buff: +277 P.Def. for 30m,
CD: 15s
MP: 700
*CHANGE* No Change needed
Force Of Sacred Fire 11 ~ 16 Fire Active Buff: +277 P.Atk. for 30m,
CD: 15s
MP: 700
*CHANGE* No Change needed
Thank you for taking a look at my post and the others people have made as well.