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The main magus issues

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  • The main magus issues

    There are mainly three points that I want to talk about concerning magus :

    1- I know every class in the game should have his speciality and his unique game style , and so I realise that magus is based on stacking dots which will eventually deal a "respectable" amount of damage .But , this "respectable" amount of damage is nothing compared to other classes of the meta now .And what really upsets me the most is that magus doesn't have AOEs , while other classes with AOEs still do more damage against group of mobs and single bosses .Am not asking for AOEs for magus here , but if you cant give him AOEs then atleast make his single target DOTS+bleak spams better than VMs.

    2-There are few skills that are way too bad to be practical for usage :
    -Mental concentration : since u already buffed the asuran skill , I believe that you should make mental concentration has different effects that can be "useful"
    -Fireshield : This skill is supposed to hold aggro when group of mobs attack you , but that small amount of damage reflected isn't enough to hold aggro
    -Crystalizing water spheres : this is a skill that has a chance to apply stun on ur target , but the stun ratio is really too bad even with high macc , I suggest that they make it based in macc or atleast higher the chance of the stun proc.
    -Poison healing skill : To be honest I don't know what it actually does , but I know that it doesn't remove the poison effect from DE's poison and it doesn't even remove the dots from TOA/TOLS/TOE hardmode mobs , I suggest that they make it remove all dots effect , or maybe a "real" chance to remove dots or atleast remove "poison" effect which it doesn't do now.
    -Support of gust : Cool buff , can help melee party mates , but I don't see why would a magus have this skill , I think that he should have something that can actually benefits him rather than atk speed buff .
    -Gale of reflection/Reflection of the soul : Just like others mentioned in other topics , this damage reflected isn't much in PVE *Does it work in pvp tho ?* , I think that this skill should be reworked so it has an actual use of it.
    -Spirit of restoration : this party heal doesn't have any matk scaling so it is stuck at 325hp aoe healing which is nothing nowadays , I think they should make it scale of matk
    -Mental link : this is one of the best passives for magus which converts a percentage of your summoned pet's int/wis to you , BUT as soon as you die the passive is gone so sometimes its kind of useless to use gmfb after dying against a mage coz ur macc is just too low to land on them , I suggest that they remove the effect of Mental link after a while of recalling pet (something like 30 sec atleast)
    -Cyclone lord : it is the best skill for magus , but it would be perfect with better scaling for other skills .
    -Focused gust : it has the same effect as (support of gust) but it slightly worse , maybe they should make it AOE if not then maybe replace it with another "useful" skill
    -Arcane swell : It is a cool atk speed/castspeed buff for whole party but I think it will be better with lower CD
    -Tears of gaia : this skill theory is cool but getting up with 5% hp and buffless I don't see myself using it , since DT buff is a must and 5% hp is too low considering how long the cooldown of this skill is

    These are skill that I feel like "useless" or to be more accurate "lacking" so I think that they should be overseen .

    3- +24 boots reducing 50% of the cc effect is a cool feature and a rewarding prize for upgrading your boots .But as a magus , when most of my damage comes from DOTs , it is really annoying having half of my damage reduced just because of boots , I THINK that +20/+21/+22/+23/+24/+25 boots awakening effect SHOULD only reduce the duration of the CC effects not the DOTs in general .It felt so stupid when my tectonic only did 3 ticks even tho I have +8 skill card.
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    Is that some kind of bug with dots and +24 boots? The only dot that comes to mind that the boots should affect are the petrify dot since that' an actual cc


    • RappelzNerd
      RappelzNerd commented
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      the only dot that it is "supposed" to be effected is petrify since its an actual CC but unfortunately the +20+ boots effect works against all dots which sucks for a magus -_-

    • PrinnyOverlord
      PrinnyOverlord commented
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      Wow that sucks

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    Poison Healing has worked consistently versus the poison I receive when in Underground


    • RappelzNerd
      RappelzNerd commented
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      Yea I said that am not sure about it in general but , I know for a fact that it doesn't remove the DE's poison

    • JustAnotherNerd
      JustAnotherNerd commented
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      Right! Which it totally should as it's still a poison. So many skills in this game are broken and ignored =/