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    Here´s the translation of my german post ... some grammar mistakes could be in it
    Skill Reason for the change Modification Other
    Wheel of desteny 100% of crit.chance is easy to reach so the benefit is limited
    skill looks unspectacular
    skill refers to crit.power instead of crit.chance raceboost
    Mentale concentration skill is out of date and not necessery anymore -increase krit power by 15%; per skill lv +2%

    -increase Acc/m.Acc by 50; per skill lv +20

    -duration 40 sec

    -Skillcard increases the effekt by+2sec

    -CD-Phase = 60 sec
    skill increase crit power instead of crit chance
    enchant weapon-fire
    • unnecessary atm
    • additional dmg is too low
    • lv1+0: cause 480%*Matk additional fire dmg at 5%
    • skill lv increases the success on add.dmg by 5%
    • Skillcard increases percentaged dmg by another 2% (480%*M.Atk + n*2)
    • DOTs are included
    skill becomes more relevant and skillcard more importantce
    enchant weapon-water
    • absolutely usless
    • Skill is out of date
    continuous mana reg; increase Manaregeneration by 40%

    skillcard increases the manaregeneration by another 2%

    threat lv drops: Lv 1+0 = 5%; pro skill lv +5%
    skill becomes more relevant and skillcard more importantce
    enchant weapon -lightning
    • no updates on this skill for a long time
    • skillcard unnecessary
    lv1+0 attacks become a high chance to cause "stunned"
    chance 5% for 2sec
    • Skill lv increases duration by 0,2 sec
    • Skillcard increases chance by another 1,5%

    lv1+0 if get attacked, there will be a great chance to cause "stunned" on the enemy
    chance: 10% for 1sec
    • Skill lv increases duration by 0,2 sec
    • Skillcard increases chance by another 1,5%
    enchant weapon-earth
    • no updates on this skill for a long time
    • skillcard unnecessary
    lv1+0 attacks become a high chance to cause "poisen"
    chance 3% für 8sec
    • Skillcard increases duration by 2,5 sec
    • Skill lv increases the chance by 1,5%
    lv1+0 if get attacked, there will be a great chance to cause "poisen" over the enemy
    • Skillcard increases duration by 2,5 sec
    • Skill lv increases the chance by 1,5%
    Recklness optinal CD drops; lv 1+0 = 4 min stead of 4min 54sec
    Skillcard increase the % on the skill
    DOT erase or lower the damge over time
    support of gust
    • no cast speed
    • cast speed important as well now
    add cast speed to the atk speed
    • lv 1+0: atk speed and cast speed: +20%
    % and card effect should remain as it is now
    -> no changing
    focused guest Total unnecessary (same CD as SoG) duration shorter than SoG;
    maybe make a new skill f.e:
    "new skill name"
    • increase P.Atk/M.Atk by 40%
    • per Skill lv +1%
    • Skillcard increase duration by +2sec und reduce CD by -2sec
    Skill inc Skillcard become relevant again
    Huge Rock Fall skill hardly necessary
    • low dmg for an AOE
    • CD too long
    • Skillcard charmless
    AOE: 1500+(400%*M.Atk.)

    Cast-time 0,5 sec

    CD lv 1+0 = 120sec; per skill lv CD -5,5 sec and chance to cause "Hold/Stun"
    Chance: +3,0%

    Skillcard increase the percentaged dmg by 5%
    slight dmg divide on the more enemies

    added chance to cause hold/stunned 25% on lv 1+0
    crystalizing water sphere
    • CD too long (not adjustable)
    • low dmg (not adjustable)
    • 2,5 sec cast speed to long to be important enough (not adjustable)
    • Cast time reduce: 0-0,5 sec (2,5sec nerfs the skill hard in comparion to other classes)
    • cause "stunned"- effekt for 1 sec
    • Skill Lv increase the Dmg
    • Skillcard increase duration by 0,3 sec {and/or reduce the cast time by 25%} depend on the revison
    • CD lv 1 = 90 sec (per lv CD= -6sec)
    Spear of Flame
    • not effectiv AOE so change to a Singel-Target-Damage
    single Target dmg; number of attacks: 9x;
    Dmg: (200%*P.Atk + 500%*M.Atk) x 9

    Casttime 0sec; CD lv 1+0 = 180sec

    Skill lv reduce CD ( each -6%)

    Skillcard reduce mana and increase dmg by another 10%
    would be a great burst skill
    Eternal Pillar of Fire nice skill but CD is too long
    and not adjustable
    • AOE: 2200+(550%*M.Atk.)
    • Cast-time 0-0,5 sec
    • CD lv 1 = 21sec; per skill lv CD -1,5 sec
    • Skill card increase the Dmg and the Dmg over Time
    magus needs a spambale AOE now and for the upcoming epic

    reduce CD dramatically (just the name says"Eternal"
    "Burn" effekt added
    100% chance to cause burn over the enemies (duration 10 Sec, each sec 250*M.Atk dot)
    Gaia resilience pretty low needs a little boost: 5% per skill lv raceboost
    Chainsickle wind little out of date and needs an update CD lv 1 = 45 sec; each lv CD = -2sec
    Effect increase/change: Lv1+0
    • reduction by15% on atk.speed/cast speed
    • reduce speed by 30%
    • Skillcard increase all debuffs by +2%
    • gives effekt for 10 sec; Skillcard increase duration: +2,5 sec
    Gale of Reflection reflected dmg is not relevant in pvE when get attacked there is a chance of 10% to absorb 20% of incoming dmg and add to own HP

    • CD 15sec
    • consume each 10 sec 100 MP
    • per Skill lv chance +2,5%
    • per skillcard = absorbtion +2%
    Toggel Option
    Reflection of the Soul reflected Dmg is not relevant in pvE when get attacked there is a chance of 10% to absorb 20% of incoming dmg and add to own MP

    • CD 15sec
    • consume each 10 sec 100 MP
    • per Skill lv chance +2,5%
    • per skillcard = absorbtion +2%
    Toggel Option
    Vacuum Shockwave necessary skill
    CD too long as well
    CD lv 1 = 5min; per skill lv CD = 21sec

    success rate lv1+0 = 20%; per Skillkarte incease the success by additional +10%
    if CD become 0 sec the dmg should be annulated
    Explosion of Pertification very important skill with a too long Cast time
    3sec ticks dont count on regular mobs, because they´re down before first tick.
    Ticks each 1 sec instead of 3

    reduce cast time from 2 sec to 0,5-1,0 sec
    maybe with skillcard or skill lv

    Skillcard increases dmg over time
    Rest OK
    Scorching Fire same as Explosion of Pertification Ticks each 1 sec instead of 3

    skillcard increases DOT
    DMG = ok
    Dauer = ok
    Root of Mother Nature High DP-Importance CC-Skill BUT
    CD is too long(3min) and short duration
    CD lv 1+0 = 3 min; per skill lv CD = -11.5sec

    "hold" Effect = 5sec; per Skillcard duration = +6,5sec
    maybe the dmg should be reduced to become a full CC-Skill with no CD
    Shackle of the Ground need a little update
    rest ok
    Cooldown lv+0 = 120 sec; per skill lv CD = -7,5sec

    hold - effect lv 1 = 1 sec; per skill lv + 0,5 sec

    Skillcard increases dmg over time
    Deadly Pertification
    • CD way to long(30min)
    • hardly necessary
    CD lv 1+0 = 30 min; pro Skill lv CD = -6% effekt of skillcard can remain as it is
    [duraion maybe +3 instead of +1 sec]
    Yak Advent I luv this skill

    BUT need an update
    CD lv 1+0 = 60sec; Skillcard reduces the CD = 5sec

    each skill lv increases the accurancy by 10% instead of 5% and expends the duration by 5 sec
    • add "fear"effect
    • enemy can be attacked
    Restoring Pufified Water unfit because of Healing Gust should run next Healing Gust (parallel)

    should get replaced by the restoring water from healing gust

    Skillcard should increase the heal more
    Tears of Gaia absolutelly unnecessary in the game reduce CD to 30 min + add effect "God Mother Fairys Bottle" of sth like "Gurdian Angel" from Oracle

    selfbuff (lv1+0):
    • give effect "Tears of Gaia" for 30 min
    • CD = 30 min
    • Effect holds on 30 min
    • Skill lv increases duraion by 60 sec
    • Skillcard reduces CD by 10% instead of 6%
    • The rest is OK
    Essence of Life
    • unfortunately CD is too long
    • Skillcard not relevant
    lv1+0 : CD=5min; each skill lv CD -21sec

    Skillcard effekt (+50hp) way to low(->increase) f.E.: skillcard increases the heal by 5%

    Now: ticks of the HOT every 3 sec for 16 sec duration -> After patch: ticks every 1 sec for 10 sec duration ( thing thats fair)
    Spirit of Restoration AOE Heal ist way too low and unnecessary HoT-Skill restores 5% of max HP and MP over time ( each 1sec for 10 sec )
    • Skill lv expendes the radius of HoT by 2m OR increse the % of the Heal
    • Skillcard increase duration by 2,5 sec
    CD-Reduction by the skillcard seem to be OK
    Dark Water Seal
    • CD(60sec) too long because of no chance to reduce it
    • cast time too long to be a fast skill to protect themselves in pvP
    • Casttime = 0,0 - 0,5sec
    • Skillcard should increse duration more (1sec/skllcard ->3sec/skillcard)
    • lv1+0 : Seal for 9 sec; each lv +3sec instead of +1,5sec
    Angelic Mist Skillcard has no relevance Skillcard should become more important to the skill

    just like "Essence of Life"
    Mirrored Switfness1 the Reflection skill gets hardly used so maybe we should think about a skillchange again lv1
    • there is a chance of 10% to reflect 150% of incoming dmg; per lv chance +2,5%
    • there is a chance to refelct every change of own status (stunned, sleep, blind, poisen, slow and so on); per lv chance +2,5%
    Mirrored Switfness2 or alternativ to 1 lv1
    • your critical attacks have a chance of 25% to gain "Mirrored Switfness"; Skill lv increase the chance by 5%
    • effect increases crit.power by+12 and cast cast speed by +10; stacks 10 times
    • give effect for 5 sec; per skill lv duration +10sec
    if too OP
    • stacks 5 times
    • give effect for 10sec
    • per skill lv +10 sec
    Cyclone Lord´s Blessing
    • all in all pretty cool
    • maybe a little boost is necessary
    • increase P.Atk/M.Atk by 7,5% of max MP; per lv + 3%
    • increase M.Atk by 10% of Pang; per lv +20%

    Skill gets increased by higher jb lv (60/65/70/75/80/90/95/100)
    Flamemonger a bit weak for a TP skill and Magus needs a bit HP more,.. so.. lv1
    • increase M.Atk by (skill lv *200)% of max intelligence
    • increase HP by (skill lv *1500)% of max wisdom
    Mental Link Magus´s not a petclass so maybe a skillchange
    • increase int and wis of avatar by (skill lv * 16,6)% of creatures basic stats;
    • petbuffs get not calculatet
    • its not matter if creator is summoned/alive or not/dead
    Kahuna´s Combat Skill Passiv just refer to staff and axe
    should obtain the possibility with a mace too
    if mace is equiped the cast speed and atk.speed should get increased as well (Fair-Play) magus work a lot with mace but no cast speed bosst so this is why this skill should get a make over
    Earthly Presence only view classes can seal but much more can stun, sleep blind ...
    • Seal (skill lv *10)%
    • Stun (skill lv *5)%
    • Blind (skill lv *5)%
    • Silence (skill lv*10)%
    Breath of Life skill is pretty lame and unspectacular; needs a boost Boost -> (skill lv + 2%)
    • increase max MP +2%
    • increase max wisdom +2%
    • increse MP-regeneration +2%
    Arcane Swell
    • skill is developable
    • CD too long(10min)
    • Skillcard not relevant
    • CD lv 1+0 = 5 min; per skill lv CD = -18,5sec
    • Gives "Giant Growth" - Effect for 10sec
    • Skillcard increases the duration by another 5sec
    Giant Growth should be taken like the boost form the BossCard

    (20% to P.Atk,M.Atk also 20% to AtkSpeed,CastSpeed and max HP)

    I think this seems legit =)
    FIRESHILD ... there a many wayse to integrate this skill back in the game
    (since E.4.0 this skill get never used; also like skillcards und EQ Parts from PW)
    for Example:
    a kind of "Devotion to the Master" ... you know the Unicorn skill ... dont know the exact name of this skill =/
    • increase all attributes except Luck +50 (each lv +5) (Skillcard reduce mana) (Toggel) ---[My personal Favourit and seems legit]
    • increase P.Def/M.Def and Evasion/M.Res by 10% for 20min, CD=30 min (each lv+1%) (skillcard increases the duration by 60sec) (Selfbuff)
    • reduce all incoming DMG(except DOT) by 100 % für 10 sec, CD 5 min (skill lv increases the duration by 5sec) (skillcard reduces CD by 5%)
    compare with "Essence of Invulnerability"
    but think this would be too OP for Magus

    This Skill could/should get increased by a higher JOB lv:
    -Eternal Pillar of Fire
    -Spear of Flame
    -Vacuum Shockwave
    -Kahuna´s Combat Skill
    -Natural Scorcery
    -Wheel of Desteny
    -maybe Bleak Squall (maybe an AoE without any Dmg deviation by more enemies)

    I put everything which looks legit to me in this post.
    Magus has the greates potential of all classes but a huge AoE Problem so this explains the many changings in the CD-phase.

    Furthermore I noticed that despite 180+k M.Atk the dmg of singel skills is lower in comparion to other classes,... so that explains the boost of some dmg skills and boost on some passivs.
    Maybe magus needs a new scaling of his DMG per M.Atk

    OK I think I´m finished now
    let me know if something is not clear in my post ;D

    and if YOU come to this sentence, thank you for reading =)
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    What if Tectonic Spike was turned into an AOE o.o


    • TheNickname
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      may be too OP, I think

    • JustAnotherNerd
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      It's a short duration and it makes sense with the agro the skill pulls versus the HP the magus has =)