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    Noire's Magus Analysis

    I never made a War Kahuna thread I merely hi-jacked someone else's! That means I have a lot of typing to do for Magus

    I better get on with it then....

    Kahuna's Combat Skill: Increases patk by a fixed amount and adds 5 attack speed when using a staff or axe. A low, fixed value increase to patk, which is barely noticeable.

    Defense Practice: Increases pdef by an unknown amount when wearing armour, given the age of the skill, I would wager it's an insignificant increase.

    Natural Sorcery: As if the +160 matk wasn't bad enough, you get extra levels of this skill at MC, which.... Makes it a pretty bad joke. 30 levels of the skill for a negligible matk increase.

    Mind Defense: A whole 60 more mdef. Ok, mdef isn't the most useful stat, but such a low (and fixed) amount isn't going to make any difference.

    Enchant Weapon: Fire: Basic attacks inflict 10% of your matk as additional damage (16 MC levels). Magus' don't use basic attacks any more. So, that has rendered this skill redundant.

    Enchant Weapon: Lightning: All attacks have a 5% chance of stunning the target for a short duration (2.6 seconds at level 16). Magus don't attack very quickly, and a short stun on a single target with only a 5% chance isn't very useful.

    Enchant Weapon: Water: Your basic attacks recover 2MP per level of the skill, and your MP recovery is increase by 40 per level of the skill. Magus' don't use basic attacks, and the low fixed amount of MP recovery on a class which rarely has MP issues isn't going to make a difference either.

    Enchant Weapon: Earth: The only Enchant Weapon a Magus ever uses! A 1+1% per level of the skill chance of inflicting Poison on the target for 18 seconds when attacked by any means. A strong DoT which ticks every second, lasts 18 seconds and can stack 5 times! By far the most useful Enchant Weapon for a Magus, and probably War Kahunas too.

    Scorching Flame: A decent strength DoT for 16 seconds, which can be sustained. It's just a pity it only ticks every 3 seconds.

    Chainsickle Wind: A relatively weak spell which has "a chance" to reduce attack speed by 15% and movespeed by 30% for 10 seconds. With a 45 second CD.

    Restoring Purified Water: On a Magus, this heals for a nice amount per tick, due to their monstrous matk. However the heal formula is pretty bad as the matk% used is the same for each level and each additional level only adds a fixed amount more HP healed.

    Shackle of the Ground: Holds the target in place and inflicts a DoT for 7 seconds. Nice damage from the DoT, but it is very short, single target and has a relatively long CD. It's also useless on bosses.

    Spinning Blow: Low attack with an immensely long animation. A terrible skill on every class which gets it.

    Mental Concentration: Increases your 100% crit ratio by 26% to give you 100% crit rate for 25 seconds with a 2 min CD.

    Force of Sacred Fire: Increases your patk by a fixed amount. Unfortunately, as the amount given is both fixed and stuck in an epic long since passed, the impact of this buff is minimal.

    Rock Energy: Suffer from the same problems but for pdef.

    Speed of the Wind: Fixed amount on movespeed are more useful as it isn't a stat which most people invest in when they're wanting to kill things more quickly. However, it's still a fixed amount, and I don't like those.

    Dark Water Seal: Seals the target for 22.5 seconds with a 1min CD. Unfortunately, CC skills are not in high demand in the game Rappelz has become.

    Two Handed Axe Training: Increases attack speed by a % when using an axe. I like %s! But Magus don't use basic attacks, so it has little use on them. I do like the skill though.

    Blasting Rock Cut: The animation for this skill is LONG, The stun is quite nice, the CD isn't unreasonable. However on a Magus there is little reason to use it if you're using an axe, and you can't use it with other weapons. My main issue is the animation though... It is LOOOONG.

    Support of Gust: Increases the attack speed of the target by a percentage for a short duration, however it can be sustained. Makes a nice support skill for attack speed classes.

    Crystalising Water Spheres: Low damage magic attack with a long CD and chance to stun the target for 5 seconds. It has a nice stun, but other than that it's not very useful.

    Fire Shield: When you are attacked you have an 85% chance of the attacker taking.... 200 damage. Completely useless, but it does look pretty!

    Huge Rock Fall: A weak AoE that hits an ???m area. However it only diplays the damage taken by a single target. It also has a long CD, and gets weaker with more targets.

    Recklessness of Fire: Increases your patk by 15% and reduces your pdef by 10% for a short duration with a 4:30 CD. It's not terrible, but it's only a short damage increasing buff for a Magus.

    Recklessness of Thunder: Increases attack power and attack speed by.... An amount for 11.5 seconds with a 4:30 CD. Magus don't use basic attacks though so the attack speed element is wasted and I am dubious as to whether it does actually increase your patk.

    Recklessness of Water: Increases your matk by 25% and cast speed by 50% for 11.5 seconds with a 4:30 CD. That's a pretty reasonable increase, it's just a pity it is still quite a short duration with long CD.

    Recklessness of Earth: For 11.5 seconds reduces damage taken by 25%. USeful as an emergency button.

    Gaian Resilience: 1% resistance to Sleep, Stun and Fear per level. Sort of kinda almost useful, but 7% chance isn't very much.

    Wheel of Destiny: Increases your patk and matk by 240% of your crit rate. Even if you buffed yourself with as much luck and had as much crit rate equipment as possible, the increase to your stats from this passive would be minimal at best. It's a pretty pathetic passive.

    Poison Healing: Removes Poison from the target. Although few mobs use it and those who do don't have particularly strong poisons. If you're busy removing poison from every target in the party which is suffering from it, then you aren't going to be doing much else. Bosses also seem to prefer bleed now too. Not a very useful skill....

    Tears of Gaia: The original self resurrection skill! Still stuck in the epic it came in! For 30 minutes the target can self resurrect with 5% HP and 3% mp recovery. With a 1 hour CD. No exp is recovered, neither are any buffs.

    Spear of Flame: Reasonably strong straight line AoE, with a long CD.... I'm no expert, but I would be surprised if it doesn't weaken with more targets.

    Eternal Pillar of Fire: Decent strength AoE with.... a long CD again. Also, wouldn't be surprised if it gets weaker with more targets.

    Vacuum Shockwave: 5 minute CD!! Decent damage, quick cast time and a chance to silence the targets for 5 seconds, but... FIVE MINUTES CD?

    Gale of Reflection and Reflection of the Soul: For 30 seconds 26% of Phsical and Skill damage and 30% of Magic damage are reflected back at the attacker. Considering character HP, and mob HP, 30% of any damage you take is barely going to tickle any mob. With a 1 min CD they aren't sustainable, but.... Considering what little impact they have, that doesn't matter.

    Root of Mother Nature: I do like the DoT on this! for 5 seconds (I don't like how short it is though....) targets within a 3m range are inflicted with a nice DoT and are held in place. However the CD is 3 minutes, which is rather.... Long.

    Explosion of Petrification: Inflicts a strong DoT and petrifies the target for 10.5+ seconds, it can be sustained rather easily, which can make it very strong against certain targets. The damage is nice, even though it only ticks every 3 seconds.

    Deadly Petrification: An emergency button skill that your party will not thank you for using. For 10 seconds all enemies in a 7m range are petrified, but cannot be attacked. With a 30 minute CD.

    Resurrection Sorcery, resurrects the target, but has a 1min CD, when the Cleric counterpart has just 10 seconds.

    Essence of Life: Heals the target for a reasonable amount and gives a restoration effect for 16 seconds, and has a mighty 5 minute CD!

    Spirit of Restoration: All targets within a 15m range recover a whole 325 HP every few seconds for 10 seconds. Utterly pointless and a 3 minute CD.

    Yak Advent: Turns the target in to a cute Yak for 10 seconds, unfortunately you cannot pet them or ride them because they are wild animals, and turn back in to whatever they were after 10 seconds anyway. But, Yaks cannot attack! You also can't attack them because look at how cute and fluffy they are! (even if they do smell a little) 1 minute CD.

    Spiritual Attunement: Increases the MP recovered from potions scrolls and food! Magus, are not a class which suffer from MP problems frequently. An extra 40% recovery from potions scrolls and food isn't going to make much difference at the best of times either. I don't feel this is a useful skill. At all.

    Healing Gust: Heals a huge amount of HP and gives all targets level 15 Restoring Purified Water. With only an 8 second CD. Which makes it the most powerful party heal in the game.

    Elemental Devotion: Enables Healing Gust to bounce 14 times and reduces the decrease in its healing effect to only 4% loss per bounce.

    Angelic Mist: A strong single target heal, with a very low CD of just 2 seconds.

    Mirrored Swiftness: By using Reflection of the Soul or Gale of Reflection the cooldown of Deadly Petrification is reduced by one minute. So, you need to use useless skills to reduce the CD of a skill that you won't be using anyway..... Pointless?

    Ponder: Increases your Intelligence and Wisdom by 1.75% per level. With only 4 levels a 7% int/wis increase is not going to be very noticeable.

    Ancestral Vessel: Your Angelic Mist (useful skill!) has a chance to reduce the CD of Spirit of Restoration (not a useful skill!) by 10 seconds each time you use it. Or, you could just use Angelic Mist or Healing Gust an have a greated effect than continuous Spirit of Restoration.

    Flamemonger: Increases your matk by an additional 150% of your intelligence. So, more matk from intelligence, however overall Magus' don't get that much matk directly (Note: DIRECTLY) from Intelligence.

    Tectonic Spike: Inflicts a DoT on the target which for 5 seconds ticks TWICE per second for some nice damage. 10 second CD, so it isn't sustainable.... But it is a very nice skill.

    Earth and Fire: Allegedly increases the damage of Tectonic Spike.

    Bleak Squall: The spam spell Druids have been crying for. Uses patk and matk to deal some nice damage, with a 0.5 cast time, and can be reduced to just a 0.1 second CD with ease. Also inflicts a movespeed debuff.

    Mental Link: Increases you intelligence and wisdom by a percentage of your pet's intelligence and wisdom. Which when combined with a 10/80/80 pet can actually give you a very nice and noticeable increase to those stats!

    Versatility: Increases your patk and matk by 10 per level. WHAT? This is a Master Class skill which at the maximum level gives a mere 100 patk and matk. That is a completely insignificant increase.

    Earthly Presence: Gives you a 100% resistance to sealing effects. Considering that Sealing skills are ONLY used against players by other players, and it is a 100% resist, so players won't even bother trying to seal a Magus. This skill really isn't very much use.

    Cyclone Lord's Blessing: THIS, is where the majority of a Magus' strength comes from. The addition of 15% of you maximum MP to your patk and matk, and the conversion of 100% of your patk to matk is what makes a Magus' matk stat so immense. Unfortunately, despite all this power, they have difficulty actually making use of it apart from a few skills. CLB, is a ridiculously overpowered skill, but Magus' are still only an average class because of the bad damage formulas for so many of their skills. In a similar manner to the Corruptor, they have some very high stats, but that doesn't transfer to damage output.

    Tidal Trance: Reduces MP consumption by 30%. Helps MAgus with MP, not that they have many problems with that any way.

    Angel's Force: A nice buff to all stats. PW gears have enabled it to keep up with the game to an extent.

    Breath of Life: Increases the max MP and MP recovery of the Magus by 10%. CLB doesn't take into account the MP% increase, and Magus... Don't really have MP problems.

    Focussed Gust: A Master Class version of Support of Gust, which... Has always been inferior and shares a CD. Why?

    Arcane Swell: For 30 seconds, the entire party is made huge! and gains 30 attack and cast speed. With a 10 min CD. Looks good, but doesn't really have much effect.

    Magus, make very nice healers, they're exceptional single target DDs due to primarily Bleak Squall, a 0.5 second cast time combined with a non-existent CD make it a powerful spell even if the damage pet cast isn't as high as say... An overpowered VM. Unfortunately, Magus cannot AoE, as the few AoEs they have all have long CDs and suffer from losing damage when there are more targets. Cyclone Lord's Blessing is the Magus' saving grace, as it is what gives the Magus such immense patk and matk stats. Unfortunately, raw power doesn't always equate to huge damage or a strong class.

    But still, really nice heals. They aren't a bad class, there are definitely worse, but they wouldn't suffer from being given some attention either!

  • JustAnotherNerd
    What is Techtonic Spike was an AOE o.o

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  • JustAnotherNerd
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    I'm not an expert magus either xD

  • Noire
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    You're welcome, I hope I managed to accurately address at least some of the issues you see. I'm not an expert Magus, but I try to point out the things that are obviously broken at least!

  • JustAnotherNerd
    I'm probably going to jack this later and do a full appraisal myself =) Thanks Noire ;-)

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