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  • Magus Evolution

    Magus as it stands is well balanced, does it's job as healer/CCer/DD. but like most classes its skills got outdated. The game evolved but not the Magus. A mage healer/DD class like magus should not be tankink in the frontlines and because of that its HP is ok as it is. Not saying it could get a bit of a boost tho; taking into account that all the classes that are being ''fixed'' end up with high amounts of HP. It would leave the magus behind in this aspect.

    As mentioned in other topics, the Magus skills don't scale in a good way and are simply weak in comparison to other mages. Their power modifiers should be boosted.

    Magus needs more reliable AoE than what it has. It's common sense that classes with AoE output will simple deal more damage because it will damage various targets at once. Magus AoE skills have long CDs or simply do low damage.

    Things that need improvement:

    Focused Gust - It's basically a copy of Gust Support, but weaker. It also shares the cool down with it. As a MC skill it should have had any sort of benefit, but it got none, only a downgrade. This skill should be reworked to add Cast Speed instead of Attack Speed. It shouldn't share cool down time and its card and levels should work exactly like Gust Support.

    Bleak Squall - It should be made as a AoE spam, if its power isn't boosted. If it stays as a single target its damage needs to be boosted. It takes power from P and M attack but even with this it's out damaged by the spams of other mages. I wouldn't even mind if it had a CD of 2 seconds as minimum if it's changed into an AoE and has its power increased some.

    Eternal Pillar of Fire - CD could be reduced from 1 minute to a lower amount of seconds, around 15-25 I’d say, will depend if the skill card or level will reduce its cool down. Considering Magus is damage over time based class, this skill could also add a fire DoT.

    Vacuum Shockwave – 5 minutes CD is too long, could do with 30-40 seconds if the damage is greatly increased. Reminder that Magus is a Crowd Control class. How is Magus supposed to do its job if the skills take 5 minutes to cool down….Not to mention it’s AoE effect is mostly worthless for PvE considering it’s just a short duration of silence. If anything its silence effect should be increased for PvE.

    Root of Mother Nature – This skill is so great looking and so ‘’Magus like’’ that it’s a shame that its cd is 3 minutes and the duration so low. The CC it offers is balanced because it’s a Hold. Allows the target to attack, just holds them in place. Its CD should be reduced. Would be great if this skill was set to be the magus reliable AoE with low cd. To make this work we need to reduce the effect of Hold, and make the DoT effect the skill has last longer. With this option the skill could be made into a 5 sec cd aoe Dot , dot duration could be 10 secs, hold duration could be 2 secs.Its damage would need to be increased greatly too. In case anyone thinks this might be too OP, look again at fire field lighting field, holy ground, etc. This CC ‘’spamable’’ AoE would make magus a great asset for parties, even if there is another healer present just because of its ability to control the mobs. Mobs would still be able to cast their skills as well, and melee classes would still get hit by the mobs, making things balanced.

    Summary: Change to->
    CD: 5 secs
    Root DoT duration: 10 secs (5 ticks)(1 per 2 secs)
    Hold duration: 2 secs

    if effects cant be changed independently then:

    CD: 5 secs
    Root DoT duration: 3 secs (3 strong ticks)(1 per 1 sec)
    Hold duration: 3 secs

    Huge Rock Fall – Similar to Eternal Pillar of Fire, this skill could have 15-25 seconds CD. The rock fall effect needs to show on all the targets it hits, not just on the main one. If the skill lags too much if it hits too many targets, simply remove the dust effect and keep the falling rock effect. (Dust and smoke effects tend to lag in this game). The skill often shows a delayed damage on the mobs around the main one for some reason. The damage needs to be increased and an effect should be added, perhaps a mov speed decrease. It would make complete sense.

    Crystalizing Water Spheres - The skill has a nice duration on its stun. I would only increase its damage some, and reduce its CD down to 30, from the current 45. The main thing this skill needs fixed is its effect accuracy. For some reason even with high M accuracy the stun will simply fail. For example a lvl 170 magus attacking a lvl 50 character, the skill would hit, but the stun effect would not activate. If it lands, the effect should activate.// If this skill CD remains the same or is increased, it should be made into a AoE.

    Yak Advent – This skill needs a decreased CD, maybe about 30 seconds, and the effect gets changed to 25 or 20. The reason for this is to be able to use such a fun skill more often and to be able to neutralize key dangerous mobs more often.

    Shackle of the Ground – Has long CD, the effect is not that powerful, the damage is terrible and the duration is low. This skill should have increased Hold duration and increased damage if the CD stays the same. If the CD gets reduced greatly, the effect duration should stay as is.

    Flame Spear – Considering this skill needs to be aimed tactically in a way to line up the mobs to hit them, this skill damage should be greatly increased and its cd reduced to around 30 -40 seconds. If the CD stays as it is, it should have a wider range to be able to hit more mobs, more cone like instead of line like. Perhaps add either a fire DoT or Bleed Dot, or maybe a weaker version of both at the same time. Since this skill pierces the enemy with a fire spear…

    Versatility (passive) - Adds a negligible amount of P and M att….. it should add more, or be % based even if low. If not, it could simply add a considerable amount of M resistance. The justification for this is because Magus used to excel at resisting magical attacks back then; it used to be the equivalent to Deadeye evasion. Lately with all the class boosts, other mages can simply have the same or more M res than Magus. Magus on the other hand only gets its main source of wisdom from the pet stats thanks to Mental Link, because the ideal stone build right now is Vitality and crit power, due to its low HP.

    Wheel of Destiny (Gaian Passive) - This passive is simply useless compared to the recently improved Asuran passive equivalent, Evasive Resilience. This passive should add a considerable amount of critical power based on the critical rate. The only problem with this is that the passive would be capped rather quickly and easily, unlike the Asuran one, in which you can simply continue to work on increasing your evasion. For that reason it should ass a considerable amount of crit power based off either of the main stats or secondary stats. For example, any of these: P and M att, P and M def, Luck, Vitality.

    Spirit of Restoration – Long Cd for a skill that heals almost nothing. The heal this skill provides should not be capped at such a small amount. It should heal based on a % of the HP of the target. The CD should stay as it is because of how a passive reduces it.

    Ancestral Vessel (Passive) - Should have an increased chance of reducing the CD of Spirit Of Restoration when using Angelic Mist; not by much tho.

    Mental Link ( passive) - Could be reworked to either:
    • Increase the Vitality of the Magus by a high vitality. Magus needs to use a high int and wis pet; these lack high amounts of vitality.
    • Increase the vitality of magus based on its P att and M att.
    • Simply increase the vitality by a %.
    This is to aid the magus survival and to make its HP pool similar to the recently boosted classes. (Without making it into the ultimate tank please). If versatility passive skill doesn’t add M resistance, Mental Link could add more Wisdom % from the pet to balance this out.

    Natural Sorcery (Passive) – This passive, same as all the equivalents for the other races is completely outdated. It only adds +160 M att. It should be modified to increase M att by a %, even if small, anything would be better than its current state.

    Arcane Swell – Considering its long cool down and its 30 secs duration, this skill should either have its cool down reduced greatly. If the cool down stays as it is, its effect should be increased to perhaps +60, +80 cast and attack speed, maybe also add max HP increase. Would make sense because the rest of the skills and items that make a character go giant also increase its HP.

    Gale of Reflection – This skill as it stands is basically useless. This is because the damage it reflects is a low amount and on top of that the Damage/HP of the players and mobs don’t run on the same scale. Let’s say a mob hits me for 10k damage while I have this skill on me, at 33% reflection. It SHOULD reflect 3,000 damage to a mob that has millions and millions of HP. On top of this amount being insignificant, the skill currently doesn’t even reflect that, reflects a way lower amount. I don’t want to go into how these skills work on PvP considering it will be re worked, but as they are now, they reflect a way lower amount that what they say they reflect, for example getting hit for 9k damage in pvp, reflects only around 64. That’s would be 0.007% damage reflected… not 33%.
    Solution: If the skills CD stay as they are, these skills should reflect at least 1000% damage in PvE. If a player gets hit for 10K damage, the mob would receive 100k damage back. This would balance out the huge difference there is in the mechanic of how mob HP works and how player HP works. In the other hand for PvP, the skill needs to be fixed first so that it really reflects the % of damage it says, and it should be lowered to 10% damage reflected.
    If the skill CD gets halved to 30 seconds, both effects should be halved as well. 500% for PvE, 5% for PvP. Lowering these skills cd by 30 seconds is highly recommended because it would aid the passive Mirrored Swiftness and the active Deadly Petrifaction. As the formula for the damage reflected would be inconsistent if the CD of these skills gets altered, it would be best if these skills CD don’t get affected by Cards. The card should only add a few seconds duration as they do and the increase on % should be removed.

    Reflection of the Soul – Same as Gale of Reflection.

    Kahuna’s Combat Skill (passive) – Should add P. Attack by a % and Attack Speed by a % even if low. As it is it adds a fixed extremely low amount.

    To be continued... (on a rush + got no power)

    P.S. This thread is not finished and i'll update it whenever I get the chance.
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    Magus first of all for sure needs some better AoEs cause the ones magus has now either are just out dated on how the damage scales and the CDs. The idea of making bleak an AoE is a cool idea the range dosnt have to be huge just 2-3m from the main target.

    One of the AoE skills I would like to see have maybe a little more damage and the CD reduced is the root skill can't remeber the name but it's a Druid skill but it's really a pretty nice cc skill more magus to use if the CD was lower.

    I for one really like magus as a class its very well rounded. Magus has OP heals, has very powerful single target damage and decent survivability.


    • Kenshin
      Kenshin commented
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      Yup, you read my mind on the Root of Mother Nature xD added it to list now And agree on the Bleak Squall range, doesn't need to be a big range.

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    If bleak becomes an aoe then it would need a longer cd. A 2 second cd on it would be fine that way it balances out it's damage. Now the real question. Is having 2 skills that basically reduce the amount of mp consumed necessary?


    • Kenshin
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      yep thats the basic idea , root of mother nature and bleak should be the main aoes. the bleak mov speed debuff gives the magus a bit more time to gather the mobs in a closer group and then hold them with root.

      p.s. yes i know all that about the bleak cd lol. What I mean is the cool down should be capped to 2 seconds the least, if its power gets boosted and its made into an aoe. This only works if the other skills get reworked as well. Everything im suggesting here works as a whole class formula, to work well. Simply looking at 1 skill suggestion i made might not make much sense, because the other skills suggestions should be taken into account first.

    • PrinnyOverlord
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      I'm all for root getting a well deserved damage buff, but if it gets a drastic cd reduction then we run into the problem of the debuff lasting longer than the skills cd.

      The only other aoe that works like that is the cardi seal. Since its a seal just looking at the mobs kinda funny breaks it and the start to move.

      If bleak does go aoe and root becomes a "spam" then bleak would need a reduction in it's move speed debuff. It's current move speed debuff plus a hold practically means the mobs won't get near.

      Think about the mobs. Give them a chance.

    • Kenshin
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      That's true. I didn't explain well, by spamable I didnt mean 3 secs cd or 5 if the hold effect stays the same. I meant around 10 if the skill effect stays as it is. The other option would be to reduce the effect of Hold, and make the DoT effect the skill has last longer. With this option the skill could be made into a 5 sec cd aoe Dot , dot duration could be 10 secs, hold duration could be 2 secs. I'll add it to the main post, thx xD

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    What is Tectonic Spike was an AOE o.o