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This is what a Magus should look like.

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  • This is what a Magus should look like.

    Spear of Flame ~ Low Damage Output. It's a spear so I won't ask for AOE effects. But the damage is so
    low it's not even worth using. Needs to do more damage.

    Eternal Pillar of Fire ~ Low Damage Output. This should be reworked to include some type of fire
    damage dot. If fire were to rain down from the heavens on top of you wouldn't some parts of you still be
    on fire?

    Huge Rock Fall ~ Low damage output. This should be reworked to include a stun. I'm pretty sure if a
    huge rock fell on top of your head you would be out of it for a while.

    Spirit of Restoration ~ Low AOE healing dot. This skill does anywhere from 300-400 HP ticks and
    remains in the area it was cast at. This needs a larger scaling to be effective versus the damage that
    higher level characters are taking.

    Tears of Gaia ~ Low XP return and loss of all buffs. This skill lasts for 30 minutes and has a 1 hour CD.
    This skill should function more like Guardian Angel from the oracle where you retain your buffs and
    regain full XP. This skill hasn't been useful since E3 E4 sieges when God Mother Fairy Bottles were not
    a common item.

    Root of Mother Nature ~ Cool Down is too long. This should have a lower CD as it's the only semi
    passable AOE a magus has. The Magus is a hybrid or Deva Heals and Asura Damage. But it's also a
    crowd control machine. In Devildom this skill can give the unwanted chain agro from certain mobs a
    chance to recover before being overwhelmed. A 1 minute CD to match the other AOES would be
    acceptable. Damage doesn't need to be increased because that's not the reason for using it.

    Techtonic Spike. Damage is fine. Duration is not. This should be a skill that can be kept constant like
    Scorching Flame. The easiest way to accomplish this would be to add a lower Cool Down on the skill to
    the skill cards. This would leave the skill as is but allow for the ability to keep it constant with a higher skill
    card. Of course you could just reinstate the previous Cool Down...

    Bleak Squall. Its the one skill the magus has that he can spam. It's an air skill. It's single target. It's an air
    skill. The damage is low compared to fire and lightning spams from Dark Mages. It's an air skill. Maybe
    you're noticing a trend on this one? It's an air skill. When the wind blows it doesn't effect one spot. It
    covers the entire area it passes. Even tornados are felt beyond the focal point. For this reason Bleak
    Squall should be an AOE. Cardinal = Rainbow Field ~ Oracle = Mass Repentance ~ Corruptor = Vengful
    Spirit ~ Void Mage = Chain Lightning ~ Magus = Nothing. If Magus is a Hybrid then it should have
    something. This would make the most sense.

    Fireshield ~ maybe cool at Rank 2 10 years ago. Now completely irrelavent. And it's 10 minute duration
    makes it less likely to be recast. I'd suggest the effects of this skill be boosted to take into consideration
    the type of damage that's being inflicted on the player.

    Arcane Swell. Shorter Cool Down needed. Some people will argue Magus is a support class. For that
    reason Arcane swell CD should mirror Focused Gust.

    Essence of Life. Basically Restoring Purified Water with an initial heal. The Cool Down on this is too
    long. It doesn't need to be as quick as RPW but the current wait time makes it a one use per instance
    skill. Due to the initial heal I think a 30 Seconds CD would be appropriate.

    Gale of Reflection & Reflection of the Soul ~ These are similar skills. They just don't do enough. There's
    going to be more stages after stage 3 in Devildom. This could be very helpful.

    Healing Gust. I used to think this heal was over powered. Then I went into Devildom. It's a good skill to
    have when playing with inexperienced players. But I'd get rid of the RPW effect ie the healing dot that
    happens after the initial heal. Perhaps moving that part of the heal to Spirit of Restoration would make
    more sense.

    Crystalizing Water Spheres. Cool description. Stun has a partial success rate. The damage is low but it's
    the crowd control possibility that makes it workable. Only thing I'd change here would be to make it an
    AOE. Think Magus. Think Crowd control. It makes sense.

    Poison Healing should be an AOE effect and there should be something similar added for Bleeding.

    Magic Attack. Magus has the highest magic attack in the game. So why does a Dark Mage with half the
    magic attack I have do twice the damage I do? This really needs to be looked at. This is a numbers game
    but in this instance the numbers don't add up.

    Magus Skill Cards in general. Too many don't have beneficial effects. What's 2 mana saved when I have
    100K? Dual Summoning time that doesn't work is what my cards read. The skill cards need a major over
    haul to be more effective.

    Pet Level... More of a pet class thing but the Magus also benefits from his/her pet. Why stop at 180?

    To sum everything up, the Magus needs a lot of work to be a viable option again. It's great to design content that encourages people playing together. But nearly every class in the game now has to rely on a specific party make up to be successful in Devildom. This normally consists of a bunch of AOE toons like Dark Mages and Mercs. Slayers are great pullers and single target DDs. I believe Merc will be phased out in later stages simply because the damage will be too high for them to sustain their health unless they look into an Immortal Force build. And this translates to the majority of people playing Asura classes. The purpose of this discussion is to bring over all balance back to Rappelz. All mage classes are supposed to be class cannons in their own perspective so I won't push for more HP or Pdef. That clearly makes sense to me. But people didn't play a Magus to be restricted to heal slave in parties. That's Barnaby's job =) Thanks for taking the time to read my post and I hope some other Magus players chime in. I'm available in game for advice tips for any other Magus' that have questions on Unicorn Server. Shout for me there as I normally don't check messages here. This is Toney / lmmortal signing off. *Drives away in teh Van* Vrooooooooooooooooom!

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    I agree with most everything here, but the change from Healing Gust RPW effect to Spirit of Restoration. Healing Gust doesn't need to be changed I think, I know you didn't suggest a big change for it, but to move RPW to another skill I think is a little pointless, just extra work for them for no real reason. If it does change won't be a big deal though.


    • JustAnotherNerd
      JustAnotherNerd commented
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      I considered the RPW effect to be one of the causes of lag in Devildom even though it's laggy all by itself. Some players don't even make it to the room until its nearly cleared. I personally like it the way it is but for the over all good of Devildom parties I could deal with that change while still having the option to cast an AOE dot as needed per Spirit of Restoration which is horrible as it is right now. only heal I can think of that's worse is the Beast Masters Soothe Creature. But the heal dot is great for those AOE stuns and stuff.

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    hi at all magus

    in the german forum i made i list of skills which should be changed or get an update but in german
    it looks like that,...


    • JustAnotherNerd
      JustAnotherNerd commented
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      Cool chart but a little hard to read without being able to speak German xD. Even the Translator left me kinda confused. Great work tho!

    • TheNickname
      TheNickname commented
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      thnx JustAnotherNerd =)

      unfortunately I´m not familiar with the english skill-designation =/

      Gust - should increase the cast speed aswell

      Gust "self" -increase P.atk/M.atk by 40%
      -each Skill lv +1%
      -skillcard increases the duration by 2sec and reduce the CD by 2 sec

      Fireshild should be like "devotion to the master": increase all stats by +50 (except LUCK); each lv +5

      and so on

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    I agree with the cd points, we have a nice skills but the cds are a little high, I play as a support magus (I am DD but always no healers so I DD and Heal xD) so, I use a lot of skills to keep ppl alive, or just give some crowd control while the "tank" can get all the mobs.
    Healing Gust is ok, Spirit of Restoration need some attention, its a really low heal skill, Arcane Swell need lower cd too.
    Magus cards, there are some cards that just give little to nothing even on +5 or more


    • JustAnotherNerd
      JustAnotherNerd commented
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      Magus is no longer considered a damage dealer in end game content. It's merely a healer with a few single target crowd control skills. Most Magus on the PVE server have already changed classes. The ones that remain are either below 175, buff slaves, or praying that this thread gets implemented before they change class or quit the class all together.

    • Lsandoval01010
      Lsandoval01010 commented
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      I know that, I am just an old player on new acc , I am playing druid/magus for some years now, its a really nice class, dont mind if now is not an end game content damage dealer, I just play magus for love xD. Hope with this balance we get some changes.

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    I agree with most points here but I would also like to see the Gaia racial skills such of Wheel of Destiny and Gain Strength boosted like the Asuran equivilent to bring about balance. Also Magus needs something to boost their HP (like Asurans getting HP from evasion). The card for Tectonic Spike (Earth and Fire) maybe needs looking at as you can only benefit from +5 card (+1sec) or +10 card (+2 sec) on the DOT.

    As for Healing Gust I dont think it should be changed and it works fine as it is. Never heard anyone complain about lag caused by the ticks and it keeps everyone alive in the party. I agree Essence of Life and Spirit of Restoration needs changing.

    Just one good AOE with a relativly short cool down would make sense. If it can be done with Deadeye on Poison Shot then I dont see why it can't be done with Magus.

    Magus has lots of Magic Attack and Magic Resistance yet still feels overshadowed in parties in comparison to Corrs and VM's