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Some ideas for DE Balance

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  • Some ideas for DE Balance

    Hey, so i got a couple of ideas/tips/thought w/e you wanna call it to make the class more playable as in Pve.

    Stopping Power Passive - i would change the percentage to %p.pierce, just not 25%.. that would be too much, but 2.5%, its a little change but everything helps

    Combat Prowess TP Passive - this is a very nice passive for De since it reduces the CD on Poison Arrow and Piercing Arrow skills as long as we're doing basics, its all good i love it, but i believe some skills shud be added to this, Rapid Fire Skill/Bolt of Destruction and i could add all the skills, but that would be too much.. another thing is you can increase the CD on Active Skills by like.. 20 or 30 seconds, and then put them on Combat Prowess so we still use basics to lower CD on those skills.. just a thought overall it would be better.

    Poison Arrow - The DoTs are completely useless since theyre M.atk Based.. Deadeye doesnt get Any M.atk at all on Xbows, so we can work out with adding this M.atk Stat like as one of the "Purple Stat", So DoTs get a little bit more damage. another thing is making DoTs Physical attack based, but that just would be too strong.
    Also the number of stacks is annoying and doesnt really improve that much from lv 1 to lv 5.. i would just remove the stacks.
    And make the Tick of the DoT 1sec.

    Piercing Arrow - Skill is nice since it stop HP regen on mobs, very usefull against Bosses. again i would remove the stacks, but i would add bleeding effect by a % of something that would make DE invitable to partys for bosses kill speed will reduce alot.
    while you made Poison Arrow AoE a long time ago, i would recommed doing AoE this one as well.

    Deep Focus Passive - at lvl 10 it increases Dex +20 and Critical rate +4%, Change the Dex increase to 20%. another way to get us deal more damage.

    Thunderbolt Arrow self buff - The stun its nice and a little bit overpowered in my opinion but the damage it increases it stuck back since masterclass was released.. work it out as the Corr self buff? that could be an option.. maybe 10% more damage on skills or basics or w/e.

    Vengeance shot - This one needs a whole new damage multiplication system, its just useles as how it is, nice small AoE but damage wise is poor.

    About the "Tanking" and the "DD" Toggles Dusk Style and Burning Style. Cool option like you guys did with Slayer and Mercenary..
    But the Values are too low.. Burning Style giving only 1% P.atk/Dex/Agi per level its rlly low, not much damage output on the DD toggle, this need to change so its more visual thing, maybe add 5% per level would definately see some difference.
    as Dusk style, same thing... increase the HP% it gives and reduce even more the Stats.

    Lightning Reflexes passive - increases evasion by 30 and m.spd by +12.. again.. make a % value increase, 5% evasion increase.

    Thats all i can come up that i remember.. i think this changes would benefit Deadeye alot in PVE, making it more damage dealing.. then there is this other thing...
    Make DE an AoE or just single target..i dont think DE was meant for AOE, hence thats why im aiming for making it a better single target Damage dealer.

    Ah something really annoying i just remembered... the knock backs on Stun Shaft and Vengeance shot are just painful.. please just remove those.

    Thanks for reading. if you dont like my thoughts or got better ideas, pop em down.