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Deadeye Skills/passive.

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  • Deadeye Skills/passive.

    Alright.. some observations about ive seen bout DE overall. not gonna do a long list of Skills, just the MC ones.

    Wild Instinct - Cool HP passive, You can get tons of HP, prolly like 300k or so, even more with yushiva card, its all cool but what do i need that much HP anywways, its not like im gonna be Tanking a DD party, personally i think this needs to go down from 1000% to 500%.

    Combat Prowess - Great passive, makes your Main DD skills (Poison Shot and Piercing Arrow) Spammable as long as you keep attacking, great thing if the level of the DoT increased grammatically the damage, which it doesnt.. so.. i just stick around with lv 1..

    Iron Will - Great passive at PvP, inmune to some sleep skills, not Nightmare Skill, not fear traps, rather not my thing since i dont PvP at all... moving on..

    Stopping Power - Great passive if it was %p.Pierce. useless as it is right now.

    Bodkin Arrowheads - Useless too.. would be great again with %p.pierce and im not saying the same amount (+200 %P.Pierce), but a fixed value, lets say 20% or 10% wud do come in handy.... The atk spd +30 its no use, since the Atk spd plateau got removed and DEs already get like... 1200 Atk spd.

    Cry of Arrows - increases atk speed by a ton while staying in the same place, nothing to say here, useless..

    Deep focus - increase Dex and crit Ratio.... uh.. we get 100% fully buffs. i havent tryed Reviac Card which gives us 100 Cp but - 100% C.Rate.. so it COULD come in handy while using Reviac Card.. and Dex +20.. shud be 20% to Dex/Agi but kay...

    Veteran Sensens - Adds little damage to nothing on the DoTs. needs to be fixed.. could be a huge damage multiplyer on DoTs.

    Burning Style - Great Toggle.. 15% Agi/Dex + P.atk... awesome.. i personally just increase the value to 2% ea levels instd of 1%, see how that goes..
    Ps (all the other toggles are useless)..

    Thunderbolt arrow - nice self buff.. the damage could be increase cause +1500 is moving on..

    Wolfs Guile - Useless MC Passive. [i have no idea what you can replace this skill with, Maybe add some CP or smthing or make it like Drain Arrow -3% MP Only for every basic landed]

    Feline haste - Another Useless MC Passive.. increase M.spd +20 when i dodge an attack... -,-... how is that helpful. [ This one could be like adrenaline? or React? -Slayer passive while theyre Tanking, could be good for Solo] - Sudden Rush its semi perma - instant - and gives me 300 m.spd..

    Poison shot - Yall need to take away the stacking of this one for everytime we use it.. cause again, levels dont increase significantly..also make the DoT to tick every 1s. DEs does more damage with lv 1 and doing basics and just keeping it on boss.. and its a MAIN DD SKILL

    Piercing arrow - Same thing as poison just no AoE, cud be AoE.. wud be great.

    For last.. They need that atk speed plateau back, it doesnt have to be the same one, but its an ATTACK SPEED Class!.. removing it for whatever the reasons were, it was wrong...

    Guess its all for now... in the end im DE lv 202 in reviac, got inferno armor, +25 xbow, Yushi Belt.. blah blah blah, ive been focusin on doing damage and.. what can i say. tickles the mob?.. yeah..
    im not saying it should be the BEST DDer... but cmon.. 2.2m x2 damage/ fully pieced.. it just nothing.. and at Reviac? 1m x2 or smthing like that.

    this class needs a nice rebalance. looking forward for it

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    i couldnt agree more its sad how much dd we lost from attack speed nerf