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Deadeye needs more damage output.

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  • Deadeye needs more damage output.

    You gave us a shield and that made little difference. There is a huge imbalance of damage output versus other classes and even lower levels do more damage. Many say it's the atk speed and it lags. Why not give higher passive ptk damage? Don't get me started on how many worthless skills Deadeye has. They need to take those completely out of the game and give us a AOE's. Poison shot stacks need to be combined to only 1 stack, and increase the damage. You have to spam poison constantly and it's very annoying. A boss fight in DD for instance dies from everyone else before you even go through your rotation of spamming away a 5 stack poison shot. It's like I am there along for just the ride while everyone else DD's. Poison needs to be one stack, but same or increased damage. The other dots drop off way to fast to even be bothered using it. Auto attack trumps everything and it's pointless to sometimes even use anything but auto attack. Maybe create a toggle like impact that allows auto attack to chain fire or shoot out 3 arrows fanned out that hits adjacent mobs next to the main one you have focused. Maybe add another aoe like poison, but fire. Gives us something!