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Fixing plateau-problem without fixing it

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  • Fixing plateau-problem without fixing it

    My overall thoughts on DE is that their concept is pretty straight forward, and thats what i really like. Build agi or dex and youre fine. However, compared to other classes, it feels like they are a little lack-luster in the damage-part in pve, specially thanks to the 667 plateau remove.

    My 2 thought on how to get DE on par with some other top tier classes atm (these are all xbow fixes, i dont think bow-de is any viable in pve, neither should it be. Bow-efficiency atm is limite to pvp, and in my thought thats just how it should be):

    if you compare DE to other top tier classes, 1 thing you'll realise is that they miss a passive that increases their p.atk in a way that they matter. A simple fix would be to give them a self-buff or a passive that increases their p.atk by something between 200-500% of agi+dex. Considering how much p.atk templars can get from RP, i dont think this value is set too high. However, i would limit it to crossbow only, and maybee even to basic attacks only, as skill-damage with bow is rather high already (pvp-abuse and what-not). DEs p.atk is a little too low for them to be viable as of now.

    The main thing ppl are complaining about however is the 667 crossbow plateau beein removed. Reason for this was the lagg-issues in pvp iirc. There is a very easy fix for this tho: Give DEs a toggle that adds additional damage equal to +1000% p.atk when attacking with basic attacks.
    1000% is a little too high you might think at first glance, but if you take in all the numbers, it actually can even be higher: Additional damage is not effected by chips, nor can it crit. This means that with additional damage of 1000% p.atk per hit, you effectivle would deal twice the damage with a basic attack as you do now, when your target is chipped and you have 400 crit power. Considering that ppl can get up to 700+ crit power now, 1000% is actually a little low.
    For all the ppl that cant follow the math here: X*2[chip]*(400[c.pow]+100[regular damage])% = X*1000% [X beeing your p.atk].
    Since the 360ish plateau is only half the attacks per minute of the 667 plateau, this would bring DEs basic attack damage back to what it was with 667, without adding the lagg ppl were causing on other players due to too many damage-instances at a time.
    Combining this additional damage toggle together with a passive/self-buff that icnreases your damage by a certain % of your agi+dex, DEs should be around top tier classes damage-wise. Ofc there are other skills that should be looked at, since majority of the skills arent worth using atm, but these 2 things are the more important ways to get DEs up to other classes strength in my opinion.

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    Slayer with 959 atk speed would generate more hits/min than a DE... are you sure, that the only reason to remove 677 crossbow plateau were lagg-issues?

    Anyway, nice idea... works like Slayers envenom


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      well from what i understand, too many attacks per sec create lagg on players that get attacked - and since DE is ranged while slayers arent, the ranged version was considered fix-worthy (well, not fix at all, but remove-worthy) while the melee version wasnt
      however i could be completely wrong, but i see no other reason why the heck devs would do it, as it makes no sense to me at all, especially since pvp is a joke anyway and they dont care for it in any matter, it bothers me even more