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Corruptor so behind still

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  • Corruptor so behind still

    It seems that the skill Corruption was improved without any notice. Thats good and all although what about all of the other skills Corruptor has that is just rubbish? We have Corpse HP Drain, Corpse MP drain, Corpse Mine all which are master class skills which we never use because they are absolute trash.

    I've put in some 1Trillion ruppees worth into my corruptor and it still is far behind others who spend a small fraction as much on other characters. when a War Kahuna can run into a hard DD room and instantly delete all the mobs, a Corruptor has to take like a minute to clear one room! Ok great so we are tanks, oh what is that, we are totally unable to hold agro in a party? I guess we are solo tanks then.... with rubbish dps..... Serious testing needs to be done, you can't expect the community to spoonfeed all the adjustments.