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What i think about Rebalancing at Corruptor

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  • What i think about Rebalancing at Corruptor

    Hello, just a quick idea about the things i think that needed to be done at Corruptor :

    Steadfast Shadowflame : this is a usefull skill , but need a rework on it cause the range its too bad. Lightning trap : Another usefull skill but again with same problem very low range . Explosion trap : this could be a good boost for any corr sadly the damage its too poor, needs a rework to boost corr aoe damage. Strength of Darkness : this gives 200 m.atk that makes this kinda poor, need to change for a % i would say 30 % m.atk and change the duration on it Shield of Nightmare : another one that could be good but needs to be changed to % too Magic skin : only thing that need to be changed its the duration, cause its less then 5min and people forget about that and die. Neutralize Magic : Same thing as Magic skin need to increase the duration of this self buff Fire Field and lighting field :This need to be changed , this need to get level 15 instead of lv 10 to be fair . Vengeful Spirit : This sould be the main source of power , since inferno fire arrow and maelstrom do very low damage . Scent of death : This has potential to be good but actually fails , this only has a chance to activate ( low ) and only when the target hp is lower than 30 % , this should be changed for when target hp is lower then 50 % with a higher chance to apply. Stroke of Genius : this gives int/wisdom +50 and cast speed +5, change this for a % too. All the corpse need some work too since they are kinda useless atm.
    Think I got it all

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    I agree with your points, specially about the Traps range and Explosion trap being useless, I also like that you pointed out our self buffs, and Scent of Death also is semi-bugged right now (description says it increases 20% dmg below 30% of target's HP, but it's in fact switched) and it could use a boost like the one you mention, though I'd like to add a couple more:

    Corruption: It got boosted with the Overlord Balancing, much better than what it was before, however it still falls very short in comparison to any other DoT skills of Corruptor, even lower damage than Fireball (max lvl 15), that isn't on a Master Class tree compared to Corruption (max lvl 25).

    Occultism: I feel this skill needs to be boosted on M.atk, for HP I think it does well enough, it adds a decent ammount of HP but M.atk it falls very short, perhaps adding some M.Pierce % would solve it without adding more M.atk.

    Petrified Stench/Stench of Armistice/Stench of Fraility: Corruptor is supposed to be the best debuff class, these skills have potential, but they're very outdated, they could use some rework.

    Corpse HP/MP drain / Corpse mine: These corpse skills are pretty useless, but I don't think corpse HP/MP drain could have any use with the state of the game where everybody has a healer pet and parties with great oracles; but Corpse Mine could be improved, either by drastically increasing its effect, or changing it to some sort of debuff.

    Shadoweaving: Another sort of useless skill, its actually worse to have it active than inactive, since it can keep resetting Putrefy as you attack, when that skill is very easy to cast yourself; it could be improved by making AoE attacks work with it, in that case even if it were to reset Putrefy, it could still provide some help.

    Soul Plague: There's really not much wrong with this skill, it was good when it was released as its single target and the latest dungeons at that time (PW, Island, Underground) were heavily focused on boss fights; since the current dungeon format is very AoE focused that makes Vengeful Spirit the clear choice to make. Maybe boosting its damage/duration would make it more appealing for players to consider it over Vengeful Spirit(?).

    That's all that comes to mind currently to make Corruptor excel at its role to add at what Vingador said.


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      Basic skill doesn't work. Passiv skill says 40% to not being feared stunned but I feel like being more stunned and feared than other non mage class. Stench of armistice doesn't work or useless if it's only for matk from mobs since almost all mobs do p. atk. Need a bit of longer duration for the good splash thunder skill to go put trap at mobs group