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Please give some TLC to cardinal

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  • Please give some TLC to cardinal

    With cardinal up next for reworking, I just wanted to share my most recent feelings about my favorite class.

    Since 2007, I played cleric and bishop, even all the way until circus came out, but because nothing was done for this class, I made other characters to play, of which I do enjoy including WK, but I am really, really want to go back to my cardinal.

    The way that I've always seen cardinal is an all around class that backs up healers when needed, or in my many DPs be the healer, damage deal, and Crowd control. They do it all and I loved playing it, it kept me coming back to the game time and time again because of the intense focus it required.

    When Cardinal came out I was excited; more healing capabilities, and more damage/cc (except no cold bolt on vortex magic, how could you!) As we all know, Cardinal can't keep up in damage or healing anymore (not referring to the current vortex magic bug), but they still are OK in the CC department, (even with the snow slide nerf), but I really don't feel like I'm playing a Cardinal unless I am doing all three at all times, and I can't anymore. Oracle, which is the primary healing class, does more damage!

    All I am asking is that the give some much needed love to this class when the next balance comes. Other people who play Cardinal can understand my frustration. Every time I get all nostalgic about the past experiences playing as bishop, they're almost always complimentary remarks towards how good the class used to, and how badly they are now. I think that now they they should be more damage/cc based, or just damage overall. Their heals need a boost in power, but not overwhelming to our shadow their Damage/cc capabilities. I honestly wouldn't complain if all three were taken care of in a balanced manner.