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Where did all my MP go?

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  • Where did all my MP go?

    Ok so, lets take a deeper look at cardi. The class is supposed to be some kind of offensive healer that focusses on damage more then healing. With AB beein back to its original damage, i think thats a good step towards the way it should be. In general i feel like the class is fine with just a little tweeks. Biggest problem right now: MP! Cardinals skills just cost WAY too much.

    I dont think this should be fixed by giving it increased max mp regen or mp cost reduce on some tp skill, but just lowering mp cost of all skills. Cardi doesnt really have a free TP to spend for MP regen, since you pretty much need to skill it in 1 way, or else you are kinda missing out.

    Checking out cardi skilltree, i see a nice idea of a skill, the skill concept is really cool, but the execution was just meh. The skill im talking about is Magic Requesition. If it would be boosted to a % m.atk increase, say 2-3% per lvl, i could see cardis damage becoming viable again. I would also like to see the cooldown beeing reduced to 5secs with the duration beeing increased to 30secs. You can even make it so the skills debuff is only 10% as effective in pvp, idc about that, im just thinkin bout the pve aspect here. Make it so you can debuff multiple targets at once, but only gain the buff one time, so you are not getting way too crazy amounts of m.atk. Why the 5sec cd? It needs to become reliable when killing normal mobs aswell i feel, not only for bosses.

    Another complaint ive heard alot is that cardi has no good AoE damage. While this is true, i dont feel like it has to actually. Not every class needs to do crazy aoe damage. However i think there is one change that should be made to increase their aoe-damage by abit atleast:
    Arctic Blast. Since mobs that are effected by AB get increased damage through vortex magic, i would like to see an aoe-debuff on AB. You could split the movespeed debuff and the dot into 2 seperated debuffs (like explosion of petrification has 2 seperated debuffs for example, 1 dot and 1 petrify). Make it so that AB bounces like chain lightning, lets say up to 12 times (just like vengeful spirit), however make it so the damage is decreased by 100% each bounce, making sure that the damage of AB stays single target, and only apply the DoT of AB on the first hit, however the bounces still applying the movespeed debuff and make vortex magic trigger the bonus damage off the debuff. This way cardi also gains a nice aoe-debuff, something they dont really have right now, and when you have a party with multiple cardis they dont all have to attack the same mob to maximise their damage.

    Another nice thing would be a buff to Inner Light. Its values are just way too low right now, other classes have similar passives with WAY higher numbers. Just increase the values and it would be fine already, make it worthwhile getting pw gears for maybee, so you can pick between vortex and inner light maybee.

    One last cardi-related thing that kinda bothers me is the cast-time. Since your main-damage skill has instant cast, getting high castspeed on cardi is somewhat not optimal, so it feels like the other skills of cardi have way too high cast-time. asuran mages get reduced c.speed at higher jlvls, while cardis get - lets put it mildly - way too low m.atk increase. it might be time to rethink the cast-times of some of the cc-skills that have very limited cc anyway and rather high cooldowns.

    Ok so off to my last point, but this is related to all devas: Give them some better Racial skills/passive. With the increase of Evasive resilience on asura i feel like gaia and deva were left way too far behind. The Heavenly restoration seems kinda useless at the low hp a cardi has, and the cooldown is too high to make it anywhere near is good as evasive resilience. I dont have anything in mind for this skill, i just feel it needs to be boosted or just straight up replaced with something useful.

    So there you go. My thoughts on cardi. Not too many crazy stuff, i feel like these little tweeks are enough to make them good DDs, while the way you play them pretty much stays the same, aside from using magic requisition here and there