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Berserkers have the skeleton of a great class

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  • Berserkers have the skeleton of a great class

    Pros of the Berserker:
    • Clear direction of class fantasy (Tanky DD that's entire skillset is around Fire, Lightning, and Wind )
    • Theoretically well rounded - we can heal ourselves, we have sufficient defensive abilities and are able to deal decent damage.
    • Spiracles - These little spinning guys are great, well they look great - functionally they can use some work but we'll get to that

    Cons of the Berserker:
    • Many completely useless skills that either adds very little to the classes output or do almost nothing at all. For example Essence of thunder reads "Consume 5 spiracles to give basic attacks a chance to cause a thunderbolt that decreases attack speed and movement speed" This thunderbolt should do some sort of damage and have some sort of visual effect, the attack speed, and movement speed reduction is great - 30% if nothing to disregard but this skill has the potential for much more let our attacks thunderstrike our targets and maybe do small splash damage to enemies that the electrocution of a thunderbolt would do - let us imbue our basic attacks truly with the "Essence of Thunder"
    • Essence of fire also follows this trend - adding 10000 damage to my basic attacks when I'm hitting bosses for 2m+ each basic attack is a joke, this skill needs to be modernized. Maybe add some DoT damage to our basic attacks or let our axes spread flames through packs of mobs - let us imbue our basic attacks truly with the "Essence of Fire"
    • Hysteria - a TP skill that does nothing apart from give us 60 attack speed when players regularly hit the attack speed cap. It's time to modernize the skill trees of the berserker, if we're going to have four skills that empower our basic attacks (Barbarian rage, Essence of fire, Essence of thunder, and Hysteria) they should synergize better than giving nominal damage bonuses and other bonuses that are routinely surpassed by awakening weapons and jewelry.
    • Spiracles - great looking but lack real function outside of buffing and sometimes healing yourself. Berserker has a hard time keeping AOE agro when playing as a tank - maybe these should help us keep aggro by doing high threat damage around it doesn't even have to be a lot of damage. Or you could add a skill that's on a short cooldown that functions similar to hate aura Mercenary has many advantages over a Berserker and one is that key ability to be able to force mobs to attack you.
    • Berserkers are just worse than Slayer and Mercenary. It's hard to sell the class to someone when you tell them it's worse than two other melee classes by a decent margin. We're not tanky enough to justify how much less damage we do than our peers. In fact I would argue that both Mercenaries and Slayer's are better tanks thanks to exceptionally high evasion and skills like gloom aura and hate aura. We have a great theme or a 'skeleton' of a class but there's no substance to it, We're supposed to be warriors that utilize Wind, Fire, and Lightning; please make it happen.

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    hysteria has alwayse done more then add 60 to atk speed it also also decreased cast and move speed of the target being attacked and also depends on the card level and skill level it can be 100 to 140 but i agree that we need to get a skill like hate aura or turn our provoke skill to a aoe threat grabber