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please restore dignity to the berserker

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  • please restore dignity to the berserker

    here I will examine the things that second mè should be modified to make the berserker more competitive : 1) reduce mana consumption 2) increase the basic level of barbarian rage in order to get a decent % without too many problems (see deadeye and slayer) 3) more passive buffs and less active buffs (passive example that increases the precision and critical power and criticality 4) too dependent on spiracles (right now and only a useless limitation and in my opinion should be changed) 5) skill damage is too low and recharges too high (in my opinion it requires a serious AOE with massive damage: see the hellstorm of the slayer) this is a proposal for a future rebalancing: add a mastery that makes the berserker use all the melee weapons (1h and 2h) obviously every weapon will have to hold a passive skill in order to take advantage of various settings based on the weapon that is decided to use
    honestly I would like to see a berserker with double mace or double sword: and if they decided to make the shield become a weapon perhaps even with a double shield XD what do you think ??? if you are more grasped and want to express your opinion to make the best classes say well maybe it's the good time that the moderators listen to our councils and make the game balanced with fun and useful classes to use let's hope that bad-tempered classes like the berserker will see the light one day