Something happened wirh zerker after the 9.6 update.
  • it stopped taking aggro
  • Barbarian rage animation is funky
the problem is, we dont know what the problem is. we can only see the consequences of it, which is the above

the aggro loss makes it essentially useless when considering its lower damage
potential reasons for aggro loss:
  • Zephyr strike doesnt give aggro like it used to. Before update, it was guaranteed to steal aggro. Now a weak slayer takes it before a zerk.
  • Steel presence may be bugged - even basics does not give aggro anymore. This may be due to barb rage, but potentially it is due to SP
the barbarian rage.. is hard to explain why it feels funky. Hence the word used! It feels as if (and I only know by watching videos sent to me)
  • the animation drops the second hit
  • Attacking with basics feels like at max attack speed as if you're 'missing' a hit.
  • Attacking feels generally slower
related to this is the fact at 700 and 1060 attack speed, the 2h axe hits the same number of attacks (it was very very laborious to confirm this)

In summation, zerk is currently far behind where its supposed to be and miles behind any comparable class. It needs immediate attention, from the moment I posted it initially on tharja thread, and even more now. The highest level zerk has already quit over this ninja nerf.