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  • Berserker tips and probs

    Berserker info:

    In the past, the gladiator was a good mix of assa and champion. It was a character with high skill damage like the soldier and in the CD breaks it was a good time to bridge the time with autohits like the Assa because of the "Babarian Rage".
    In the meantime, he has relied on the Assa for a lot of autohits and the Skilldmg is also inferior to the KR.
    It's not bad that the skills have more CD like other classes, but the DMG needs to be adjusted so that the skills make sense to use them again. Berserker should therefore have longer CDs, BUT the DMG of the skills should be felt!!!

    1.) Why do you have as much or more patk with a 1h axe (Mainhand) than with a 2h axe?

    Why should somebody play a 2h axe, where someone makes less autohit dmg and then ONLY the same Skilldmg as with a 1h axe? That makes no sense.
    You would need to spend 2h axe training percentage on the patk, as is the case with dual axe training, to have more patk on a 2h axe, so you have a higher autohits damage with 1h axes, but more skill damage with 2h axes.
    1h axes main patk Example 100k, sec.hand 60k-70k and with a 2h axe you are maybe at 100k-110k with the same equip. (these are just sample values)
    But these values ​​already show that 2x 1h axes are much more worthwhile.

    2.) Skill animations of Zephyr Strike , Earth Shatter and Shuddering Flame.
    Zephyr Strike and Earth Shatter have, while attacking several mobs a delay. In this time you can do no DMG. This delay must be noticed when adjusting the DMG. Shuddering Flame lasts so long, finally the dmg would just have to be bigger (although as already discussed at 1 anyway no more 2h axe)

    3.) Skills that brings nothing:
    3.1) TP Skill Hysteria // Blind Fury
    It's nice to have a skill that brings atk speed, but the game has evolved so much (higher buffs / higher potions / etc.), that you do not need that skill anymore to get to 959+ atk speed and for one TP is the skill to weak. Change completely and bring a small Passive with atk speed in the normal tree.
    TP skill should be something special, if you already put 1 whole TP point in there. Here I would rather wish a whole new skill, because this is no longer contemporary by the many changes in the game.

    3.2) TP Skill Berserker Rage
    This skill also brings nothing ... CD reduction to Babarian Rage (which is already permanent with a skill card) and CD reduction to thunder essence which is permanent with his skilllvl or with a high card.
    This skill also needs to be completely redesigned.
    Many characters have a percentage improvement in the values.
    So for example Mercenary gets massive crit flat and in addition the percentage Skilldmg increase.
    Magus/Assa percentage increase of DMG

    You'd have to give him a bit more power in this skill, maybe some percentage. There is a lot of room to push the Berserker in a certain direction,
    either by percentage Crit increase or percentage patk raise,percentage passive, passive mobs debuffs, percentage p def, 1% more crit / patk per 1% missing HP.
    Depending on how the developers decide that.

    3.3) Mental concentration
    This skill brings Krit Chance increase ... all players crit Chance is already normal at 100.
    This skill could increase the crit strength higher and noticeable for a certain time.

    3.4) Passive: Shield Barrier
    I think there is barely a situation in the game for this skill. Either the mobs are so weak that you do not fall below 20% HP and the skill never triggers or
    the mobs are so strong that it triggers and you still die in the next moment. The problem is with the 20% HP, if this is not reached, the skill can trigger with a probability of about 30% ... but does not have to. This skill triggers only felt when you are almost dead and can only run away, otherwise you die ... even with the reduced damage.

    3.5) Spiracle Rush
    Actually, the skill is ok ... but not more. I put him in this useless category because I do not know anybody using / needing this skill!
    For a TP skill, this skill is simply not worth skilling and spending or wasting 1TP point on it. Maybe someone else sees it.

    4.) Skilldmg is to weak

    The Skilldmg is far to weak compared to the aa damage and the skills are not worth using at an Atk speed plateau of 959+, although the aa damage is far behind the Slayer autohits DMG, otherwise you would lose dmg when using Skills. So for example the revamped skill "Spinning Blow", which has such a long animation that you make better autohits at the same time to build up with the skill Provocation aggro or cause more damage with autohits.
    This issue could be changed by adjusting the TP Passive / Skills depending on what is being done. (2h-ax training, etc.)

    Energy Bomb should maintain a high cd but it has to cause much more damage, because this is a single-target skill.
    After the philosophy: Longer CD's, but then it has to explode ... # Berserkerstyle

    5.) Aoe's

    Zephyr Strike was revised by the range very well and i hope the skill wave cut is revised as well, because wave cut sometimes doesn't hit 2 mobs who are almost side by side.
    Earth Shatter would have to make more dmg than TP skill and not just hit 3 goals.(maybe hit 6-8)
    Range increase may be necessary if the number of targets should be increased.
    And the delay in several mobs as already described in 2.) would have to be considered !!

    6.) Bugg's

    6.1) Whirlwind Assault
    This skill should have less cd than before, according to the new patch, but this is not true .... bugg??? Before the part the CD was at 36sec. for me and currently even with a +8 skill card, the cd is still over 1min. BUGG?????

    6.2) Fire essence
    This skill can not exceed 10,000.

    7.) Yushiva Belt probs

    Berserker have dont p penetration without endirion belt. You dealt at DD5 or DD6 without this 50k autohits and with same stuff you deal 2mio autohits on dd3. The DMG is real hard going down on higher stages....

    But you need the tankiness (higher p def) of yushiva Belt for stage 4-6DD. You can not hold the aggro with this less dmg (Yushiva Belt)
    You can hold the aggro with endirion Belt and the new boss card (30% penetration), but you are not tanky enough.
    This is terrible!!!!

    I hope this description helps you to develop the Berserker! This view comes from a german berserker who has been playing this class for over 10 years

    greeetz your Berserker Petsch ^.-
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