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    First off, let me start by saying you guys did a great job with balancing the Berserker class, skill changes were on point!

    As for the damage Nazgul said the class still needs, I agree, but that maybe could come from balancing some skills that were left out in this wave; here's my thoughts as a berserker player:

    Blind Fury: reduces cool time of Hysteria. Useless skill because hysteria is a toggle. This skill should add some extra bonus to Hysteria, like even more atk speed, or crit power, or patk; or even pacc . Something that actually helps increase the dmg through increase of atk speed and another stat.

    Berserker Rage: Another useless skill. Reducing cool time of barb rage and essence of thunder is meaningless. Barbarian Rage +6 lvl 11 lasts for 10 mins 40 secs and has a cd of around 7 mins and essence of thunder +5 lvl 8 has 0 cd. Berserker Rage should be as strong as the name implies, and it should perhaps give a chance to increase cp or patk when attacking or something similar; not just reduce cd of skills with already a low cd.

    These are the skills I could think of that should be improved and would increase Berserker's dd abilities further and stay balanced if done the right way.

    I didn't mention any aoe skills since they were all fixed and the only one left out (wave cut with its cone shaped range) won't probably get fixed because you guys don't want to give every class op aoe and I agree.

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    first of all i am really thankful that team has fixed many aspects of the berzerker, zerker is a viable tank now thanks to boost to steel presence and final defense.
    well i agree with fixing useless skills/passives like barbarian rage and blind fury among others.
    i would also like to add that using skills eat up mana and there is no viable way of mana return except for a spiracle rush which is a tp skill or energy charge which gives minisucle amount of hp/mp
    skills are obviously not meant to be spammed and that depleting mana would ensure that skills are not spammed but still aoe can be only done through skills not auto's so perhaps decreasing their mana cost or just some boost to energy charge would be greatly appreciated.
    for auto attacks, besides hysteria/bar rage and the essences there is no other passive that could add to the damage.
    there is nothing that increases pignore, patk, cpow, pdef,
    If we compare to other warriors like templar, merc, slayer then each of them have some sort of passive that increase their damage output alongside with tankish abilities in a significant way.
    where a slayer can still have comparable hp, pdef, patk, with higher atk speed, evasion,pignore, cpow.
    sorry if my english is not clear. i hope i have passed my thoughts regarding the difference between classes and how zerker is still quite abit behind other warrior classes.