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Berserker, you're up...

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  • Berserker, you're up...

    Hello everyone,

    I would just like to let you know that we've read through all the comments for Berserker from EN/FR/DE and are now starting to work on the changes on our test server.

    Once we have got the changes we want, this will be sent over to Gala for review and hopefully we'll see them implemented soon!

    HQ Version

    Thank you for taking part in the discussions so far!

    Kind Regards,

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    Awesome I look forward to it! But if you mess them up you'll be in big trouble! ;\


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      Thats great to hear!

      Some questions I would like to ask though:

      - How long does it take for this cycle to undergo?
      - Is the list of classes that are next for undergoing change in test server is in order of which the discussion started? e.g, next will be War Kahuna
      - The changes that you 'want', will you write them here for us to see before getting reviewed by gala? Would be nice to know what changes you liked to have and what gala approves/disapprove.
      - Once the changes get approved by gala, how long does it usually take for them to be implemented into live server?


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        We do not know how long the cycle will take as this is unprecedented.
        Mostly, yes. The order of discussions will be the order which it is rolled out in. However, there may be some exceptions to this.
        The changes we want, won't be posted first. This is as we do not know how Gala will review the changes. They may say no and nothing gets done, or no to parts of it, or perhaps rework some of the changes themselves.
        Once the changes get approved by Gala, we will be looking to have them implemented within 2 weeks.



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          Hey Naz, soooo .. umm .. what's happening? .. 2 months and nothing in patch notes etc. If it is going to take 2 months per character class we are going to be waiting ages for any changes to occur.


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            Patches have been sent over to Gala for review for some of the classes.
            We are still waiting for hear back from them for the final decision on them. (Not all classes have been sent over).



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              Are you allowed to tell us what classes in particular got sent over? We definitely know Beserker will be one of them.


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                just give to the Berserker better AOE damage, low CD on skills and make Energy bomb great again that is all for this class