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  • Zerk improve~

    Hello there everyone, same as rest of zerk comrades im gonna thanks u all for this topic
    - In opinion of a 2h tank zerk -

    I have read rest of post and im almost agree with most of things interested on 2h axe ones BUT im gonna point out discrepancies i have with em trying to be more specific based on skill from another class similar that has just been improved (slayer).

    Blow of gaia/ Earth shatter :
    its an 4m range skill even being a TP skill i would like compare and modify a similar skill "smoke bomb"since this skill moves from 5m to 7m range sound fair since its a TP even most important (in my case) if u want to hold agro from mobs, removes target limit or make it 7-9 as "rainbow" this would improve his crow control on tank role.

    Hysteria: Its a toogle TP gives atack speed i would compare and mofify with "Envenom" since this skill moves from 200 to 350% (75% boost) i would like similar boost on this skill.

    Blind fury: Reduces cool time... well compared and modify to "poison mastery" that gives 10% every lvl would be nice if increase amount of atack speed per lvl.

    Zephyr strike: Its an 2m range aoe skill there are not many skills from warrior class as this one but i would compare and modify on range based on "hellstrom" that moves from 2m to 5m and based on lasting effect damage with "shadow wound" that gives 10% per lvl (based on patack %) or something similar.

    Wind cut: The same case as zephyr strike.

    Essense of fire: Its a skill gives a certain amount of dmg i have no reference to compare atleast in warrior class but i would like compare and modify as "spirit of fire" just increase a bit more damage on this skill or make it patack % based, concerning on duration of effect would be nice if can increase it.

    Behemot force: Just fix it ... make it same as "spiracle of vitality" that increase effect by belt, helm, dt. Compared... i could say "pact of darkness" (skill lvl*100 + 800) its like 30min buff or something i think but im not worried about time just saying.

    Shield of barrier: Its a skill that increases pdef by 10 sec i would compare and modify as "react" that moves from 10 to 60 secs, would increase duration a bit 20-30 secs sound fair for me/not necessary at all.

    Shuddering flame: Most similar skill i found was "apocalypse" then lets do similar like this one 5m range cool time based on new table and damage formula i cant be so specific ...

    Spining blow: Most similar skill cloud be "charge stab" lets modify based on this one.

    Mental concentration: Crit rate, actually useless i would compare and modify as "deep evasion" i would like str/agy/ dex on it, and paccu/maccu or crit power instead would be nice ^^

    Steel presence: No references but a bit boost on max hp/vit would be nice.

    Final defense: Since its a skill barely works im thinking on a whole revamp (most similar skill is desperate deflection of mercenary) this one works with 5% of hp or so...i have seen it working very few times but not very usesfull. Personally i would change to something like "after image" or a mix with "adrenaline".

    Essense of invulnerability: Most controvercial skill on this class...personally i want to keep it... motive: most of ppl with this class knows that it is their strong point and they have invested everything to this build (including me) years of looking for right gear...

    In my opinion zerks do not need spam skills as wild stream, Mp revamp neither.
    Its been a long time since i've been playing on zerk all way to 175 not carried (not offense noire) tanking/ pulling/DDing or trying to do best i can.
    -Yeah zerks skill cost of lot of mp but there is something called mp food and pots (enchanced ones also) even if u guys cant manage it there is something as "special mp pots" it works pretty well for me even w/o special pots.
    -You guys complain about sort duration on self buffs....well that works fine for me also. Im able to keep perm buffed behemoth and spiracle of vit since its 5min CD vs 10min duration even with barbarian rage, ess of thunder and ess of fire just need to be attentive, is one of the things that likes at most, although it is exhaustive it keeps u active.

    Actually zerk serves a clear purpose "tank but not deal a lot of dmg" same as templar used to be in old days in my opinion ofc.
    Just need a partner

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    I don't understand why you might think that I would be offended by the fact you played your Berserker all the way to 175 rather than being carried, unless you think I was carried? :\